Indio Solari reflects on the political system: “Artists must not be militants because they end up making brochures with their work”

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Carlos Alberto Solari, better known as the Indium Solarihe assured this Saturday, when asked about youth participation in democracy, that “artists should not be militant because they end up making brochures with their work.”

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The former leader of Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota left a message for the podcast Nobility of antsissued by FM The Motherlandand with that sentence he explained why he was not a militant despite coming from a Peronist family.

“I think that there are other ways to participate in democracy to make democracy strong, that has to do with culture, with the way you see the revolution,” said the musician, who recently announced his retirement from the stage.

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And I add: “The revolution is from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep.. You have to fight every day for different causes like Human Rights and all the causes that are full of virtues”.

After the declaration, in a recorded message lasting just over 5 and a half minutes, Solari confessed that he did not understand “too much” the so-called “political thread”.

“I find it hard to believe in those ways of fixing our lives that there are in politicians in general. There are always exceptions… that I send you the boys who sit in Parliament and you confirm me for the elections in my province… all that concerns reckoning and that… it pains me to see that our lives are so they solve. But hey, among all that are tried and true people who probably work for history, but scoundrels abound“, he described.

In return, he insisted on proposing the participation of literature and art, with “emotionally close expressions”.

“It is through literature, art, through any manifestation that brings us closer emotionally and said with virtue, so that we have a soul to fight against the enemies of social justice and all those forms of submission that exist against peoples. in general, ” he considered.

In this sense, he added, there is “a very big chaos, where the country is divided, atomised, the Justice assumes powers it shouldn’t exercise”.

In this regard, he argued that it is “an infinity of things” that “tire” him because “on the move” he does not believe it is “an attractive path for young people”.

“I would ask young people to be attentive, educate themselves, learn to see what phenomena are like and not get carried away by the power of the hegemonic media. Whether this is true, there is a power group that can put a spoke in anyone’s wheel, but I don’t want the dark. Everyone must do what they feel like, but from a place of honesty and virtue,” she insisted, leaving clues as to which “side of the fuse” she is on.

Already at the end of the audio, Solari remarked that “everyone, from the place he creates, must strengthen the causes that think of those who have nothing, suffer from hunger and all the things we must be sensitive to”.

“Then, the mechanism, the method by which they participate in society, everyone will know what their heart and thoughts indicate,” he concluded.

El Indio, on his retirement from the scene

In February of this year, the already legendary 74-year-old musician confirmed that he will no longer be performing live in front of his loyal audience.

“I don’t want to turn this into a critical thing, it doesn’t allow me to be at my best. Unfortunately for me, Parkinson’s is progressing, but you have to fight it, ”she said in an interview with a Spanish journalist.

“It seems to me that it’s time to step back and dedicate yourself to being a councilor, and stop annoying young people because you end up being a stopper. They have to grow up and this cap doesn’t give more, ”she said.

His last live performance was on March 11, 2017 in Olavarría, a concert that had the tragic toll of two dead and dozens injured. On a personal level, he confirmed in 2016 that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

On the other hand, he stressed that he will continue to be a studio musician, referring to himself in the third person. “The coach doesn’t have a direct vocation, he wants to make music and let whoever he wants play it. I’d like to make ten, twelve songs for people to sing.

Source: Clarin

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