The word of Roberto Piazza after the complaint of child abuse to Jey Mammon

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After the allegations of child sexual abuse a Jey Mammon, Robert Piazza He spoke about the actor’s situation, acknowledged that he is his friend and provided details of a series of messages they had exchanged over the past few days.

It should be remembered that a complaint was made public this week that Luke Welcome had done years ago to the driver, separated from La Peña de Morfi (Telefe, Sunday at 11:30).

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The news has caused quite a stir in the world of entertainment, where Jey has many friends and there have been several who have expressed their opinion, including Georgina Barbarossa, Veronica Lozano, Nazarena Velez, Yanina Latorre, Lizy Tagliani And until when Mirta Legrand.

The designer weighed in without filters on Jey Mammon.  Catch TV.

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The designer weighed in without filters on Jey Mammon. Catch TV.

Now the draftsman’s word is added who, in dialogue with the reporter of in the afternoon (America, Monday-Friday at 2:45 pm) He recalled that Mammon helped him a lot in his own cause.

Jey is my friend and I admire him as a professional. I’ve known him for years, when no one knew him. And he helped my cause a lot,” the designer began.

“That Doesn’t Mean I Did Shit”, he clarified. And she continued: “Let justice act and that the judges are really smart”.

“I called him a few days ago to congratulate him on the program (La Peña de Morfi),” said Piazza.

Roberto Piazza approved Jey Mammon.  Catch TV.

Roberto Piazza approved Jey Mammon. Catch TV.

Then he developed: “Now I was going to call him but he doesn’t answer you, in any case I’ll leave him a message. He obviously doesn’t have to have fun”.

When the journalist asked him what he would say to his friend, Roberto’s answer was energetic: “First, I’m terribly sorry, whether I did or not. I’m still sorry because Jey’s my friend, he’s still my friend, it’s not like I hate him because he did it.”

“Don’t make a public complaint, do it privately,” he later lashed out.

At the moment, Jey Mammón will no longer be broadcast on Telefe.  Television capture

At the moment, Jey Mammón will no longer be broadcast on Telefe. Television capture

And he added: “But he says that the lawsuit prescribed. The Piazza Uno law of 2011 prescribed, but we have the Piazza Due law of 2015, the reformulation. The laws don’t apply what psychiatry is, hypnosis, nothing, it’s what the victim said and what the perpetrator said”.

The designer’s statements have sparked some criticism. “He talks like shit. What Lucas says is not nonsense, it’s abuse,” said Débora D’Amato, speaker of the program she hosts Karina Mazzocco.

Roberto Piazza said he spoke to Jey Mammon

A few hours later Piazza intervenes THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm) and said he was able to communicate with the former host of The Rock of Morphi (Telephone).

“I spoke to Jey today. I sent him a WhatsApp and told him I’m sorry for everything that’s going on, that I hope the law is being handled well and that I would ask for the case to be reopened“, he indicated.

“I also told him that I am his friend, that I will not judge him, but that Not even I can defend him until the truth is known“, Be honest.

“He replied that I am a loving person as always, that he loves me very much and that he hopes the truth will come out”, concluded the fashion professional, who assured that it is a topic that happens every five minutes in Argentina.

Source: Clarin

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