After the arrest of Marcelo Corazza, Brian Lanzelotta defended himself against the charges against him

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After Marcello Corazza was involved in a case for corruption of minors, brian lancelotwho participated Big Brother in 2015 he came out to defend himself. It’s just that this week they brought up the complaints he made Natacha Jaitt a year before his death.

In 2018, the media had accused the former reality show participant of “corrupting minors” along with Francesco Delgado Already Leo Cohen Arazi. The singer also shared a video on the networks of him to remember Natacha’s sayings and talk about them.

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“As everyone knows, the topic of Marcelo Corazza came out this week. And as a result, I feel the need to make this video since reproposes a subject that I had already closed and considered concluded both personally and legally,” Brian began.

Brian Lanzelotta spoke about his goals by Marcelo Corazza.  Video capture.

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Brian Lanzelotta spoke about his goals by Marcelo Corazza. Video capture.

Soon after, he shared a series of videos where both Jaitt and Marian Farjat were seen talking about the scandal.

“This you just saw happened in 2018 and It has ruined my life, my family, my environment and my job”, acknowledged Brian, who had already spoken about Cohen Arazi in 2018.

The singer shared the resolution of the case.  Video capture.

The singer shared the resolution of the case. Video capture.

And he clarified: “And since I’m innocent, I placed myself at the disposal of justice, so I leave the resolution of the case to them”.

Get dirty, get dirty in a minute. They ruin your life. Now when they have to tell the truth… When justice says I’m innocent, they don’t say it anywhere, no one is interested,” he lashed out after sharing an image of the lawsuit and a tweet in which Natacha’s brother, Ulysses Jaittmakes it clear that names go around that his sister has never done.


The former ‘Big Brother’ participant also shared the words of his ex-girlfriend. Video capture.

“That’s why I take this leave. And I don’t cancel, I’m not going anywhere. I stay here because I’m a humble boy and I show my face. I get up every day, I work, I earn my bread, I have a beautiful family, a woman who loves me, two children and one on the way. And we will demand justice for those who really need it, who are minors who have suffered many atrocities.“, held.

And he sentenced: “Let those who must fall fall. I ask for justice. Not with the boys, but I’m also asking for myself and my family.”

Ulises Jaitt's tweet.  Video capture.

Ulises Jaitt’s tweet. Video capture.

What Natacha Jaitt had said about Brian Lanzelotta

This week’s statements that Natacha Jaittdied in 2019, had done in 2018, in the program he was leading at the time Mirta Legrand.

“I have known Leo Cohen Arazi by heart for many years, he is a card holder”, Jaitt began at that moment in Mirta’s night (The Thirteen)..

Brian Lanzelotta recalled Natacha Jaitt's statements.  Video capture.

Brian Lanzelotta recalled Natacha Jaitt’s statements. Video capture.

“Leo Cohen Arazi’s partner is (Francisco) Delgado, the one out of Big Brother. Not only is he a partner, but he is also an ex-boyfriend of Arazi,” he continued.

Then, he developed: “In the case of Arazi, he was negotiating with this referee with pedophilia. A chain began to form. Brian (Lanzelotta) took the village boys to the referee, the referee passed them to Cohen Arazi and Cohen Arazi scored the whole goal”.

Source: Clarin

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