Without Jey Mammón, today Georgina Barbarossa will lead La Peña de Morfi “with all the love in the world”

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In the last two days, everything has happened in a hurry: first the accusation of sexual abuse against Jey Mammónthen the statement by the same pilot and that same day, Thursday, the official announcement of Telefe dissociating Jey from Rock of Morphifrom this Sunday.

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Later, speculation arose about who would accompany Jésica Cirio in conducting the Sunday cycle of Telefe, and the first name that was rumored was that of Georgina Barbarossa. Until Friday she was the same driver took the floor and confirmed itfrom their daily cycle Barbarossa.

Jey Mammón, for now, disconnected from La Peña de Morfi.  He is replaced by Georgina Barbarossa,

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Jey Mammón, for now, disconnected from La Peña de Morfi. He is replaced by Georgina Barbarossa,

other substitutions

Georgina has made other substitutions in channel cycles before, as in Cut for Lozano, but it was always due to the holidays of the guest, Verónica Lozano. Now, the circumstances are very different.

After the criminal complaint for sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access that Lucas Benvenuto (27) made to Jey Mammón, visibly affected by the subject, Barbarossa recounted how she feels at this moment with the responsibility she has to face when she has to replace her colleague .

“It’s tremendous, it’s very painful because I love Jey very much and we share many years of work. So it makes me sad. It was very difficult for me to do the program today, ”he told on a cell phone THEYonce your program is finished.

“Telefe released his statement and Jey released his statement. Let’s see how justice is delivered. I’m doing the show on Sunday with all the love in the world because we know The sadness It’s a program for everyone, for the family, for children, for adults, and we have to convey the happiness that the public needs and wants right now.”

Jey Mammón, when he recently won a Martín Fierro.  Instagram photos.

Jey Mammón, when he recently won a Martín Fierro. Instagram photos.

And she added: “You have to take care of that beautiful space and we go with all the joy in the world. The only thing I can tell you is ‘with the boys, no’. I read a quote the other day that said ‘when women say no, it’s no; when kids say yes, it’s no.’”

Will it be definitive?

Neither the host nor the channel has confirmed whether Georgina’s replacement will be for one, multiple shows, or permanently. And if that’s the case, there’s no word yet on who could fill the lead role.

Hours earlier, the official statement released by the channel that the drivers of the news of Telefog NewsRodolfo Barili and Cristina Pérez, read on the air, said: “Based on information in the public domain, Telefe has agreed with Jey Mammón to temporarily suspend its continuity as host of The Rock of Morfi, giving him the time he deems necessary to order situations of a personal nature”.

“Telefe is faithful to the principles that the company has maintained throughout its history. Respect, rights and respect for the law are fundamental pillars of its values.”

Jey’s discharge

Two hours before the channel made a public statement, Jey Mammón had used his social networks to make his statement about it.. The cycle had started its new season this Sunday and Mammón was once again in charge of the program that he joined after the death of its creator, Gerardo Rozin.

Jey Mammon.  Photo: C.Niscovolos

Jey Mammon. Photo: C.Niscovolos

Juan Martín Rago (real name of Jey Mammón) had defended himself, from his social networks, saying: “Given the diffusion of a lawsuit that the Justice has decided to prescribe, in the case of a false episode in much of its contentI recognize the need to inform that this action, which pursues unspeakable profits to the detriment of my person, is added to an insistent campaign of harassment and defamation”.

I have experienced extortionate behavior from the person who filed a complaint that Justice filed and filed,” wrote the driver.

“Without prejudice to the legal actions to be taken, it is imperative to clarify that the situation raised is the product of the conduct of a person who, in this case, and before justice, acted untruthfully”.

And he added: “The media coverage of the issue has brought into play the prestige and honor of those who speak to them in a delicate and sensitive event for the whole of society”. known,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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