The story of Pantanal, the strip from the creators of Avenida Brasil, in prime time on Telefe

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Turkish cans reign on the map of Telefe soap operas, which monopolize a large part of the channel’s evening programming and, by the way, do very well. But, from time to time, a Brazilian production infiltrates, as will happen this week with Swamp.

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the new soap opera will join the Telefe screen next Wednesday 29 March, at 21:30

The channel has confirmed this new foreign fiction in the segment left vacant by MasterChef, which will occupy the Big Brother strip.

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Reality closes its tenth season this Tuesday 28 (the final is this same Monday 27) and the next day the prime time of the channel will be rearranged. This super production will go into the central news, TV news, and another reality show, just starting, like chef, which started its new edition with good numbers.

What is the Pantanal plot about?

Ste is a brand new production by the Brazilian Globo, recorded in 2022, which tells the story of José Leoncio, a young worker who, after the mysterious disappearance of his father, becomes a rich farmer in the pantanal, in the Matto Grossoin front of the Marruá clan.

Produced by the same architects of the great success that was Avenue Brazil, Swamp it was written 32 years ago by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, and now has this new version, in an adaptation by his nephewBruno Luperi, and is directed by Rogério Gómes and Gustavo Fernández.

José Leoncio leaves his land and he will surrender to a passion that will change the fate of many lives. The storyline will face two completely opposite worlds and pose an impossible love story that spans generations.

But after more than twenty years and embittered by the disappearance of his father and the escape of his wife to Rio de Janeiro with their son, José Leoncio has the opportunity to reconcile with the boy, who is now a young man raised in the big city with values ​​and habits very different from yours. Moreover, he discovers that his father is not as dead as he thought.

The new "Pantanal" is version by the nephew dell

The new “Pantanal” is revised by the grandson of the original author. The whole story is updated.

Told as a family sagawith many secrets and betrayals, the characters are crossed by different dramas and between their protagonists there are many artists known to the local public which has already seen him in other great Brazilian productions, such as Marcos Palmeira, Murilo Benício (both of Avenue Brazil) and Juliana Paes (from sweet ambition, which Telefe broadcast last year)

In addition, Renato Góes, Alanis Guillen, Jesuíta Barbosa, Dira Paes, José Loreto, Irandhir Santos, Osmar Prado and Karine Teles star in the main roles, among other characters who will cover stories from different eras and generations.

The soap opera It has been registered in Rio de Janeiro and also in a very touristic area of ​​Brazil, the Pantanal de Nhecolândialocated in Matto Grosso do Sul, an area of ​​virgin nature and jungle which strongly influences its inhabitants, the characters of this story, and which ends up being another protagonist.

This 167 dramatic episodesmade in homage to the 1990 realization, it became the production with the highest number of admissions in Brazil last year, as well as being successful on screens around the world. Pantanal will also be available on Paramount+.

Source: Clarin

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