Susana Giménez is the new TV judge: who gets a red card?

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It must be said. Her diva status neither defines nor drives the conversation. Susana Giménez only seems “unreachable” when she crosses the pond and takes refuge in her Uruguayan farm (where she has lived since 2020): she now she receives clarion with the warmth of a familiar smile.

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The most immediate pretext is LOL: Last One Laughing Argentinathe humorous reality show, or comedy competition, on Amazon Prime Video, which brought it back to the screen on March 17, with another swerve in its television baggage.

“It’s an impressive thing. Imagine, if they put this together for the promotion, what is the studio with 50 cameras…”, warns the emblematic TV host, a few hours after the first “serial”: with a first batch of two episodes, followed by two more on the 24th, culminating in the last two on the 31st of this month.

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Susana Giménez and Grego Rosello, in a generational duo for the streaming cycle.

Susana Giménez and Grego Rosello, in a generational duo for the streaming cycle.

“Here I am the judge, but I’m sorry”, Susana is sincere. The thing is the Argentinian version of the Japanese format who has traveled the world takes the diva – supported by the influencer Gregory Rossello– to confiscate that among the 10 chosen comedians there are no laughs that leave them out of the game.

They will live 6 hours in a house and whoever laughs loses. I hope you do great and enjoy yourself. There is a lot of anticipation. I, every time I present something, I am afraid. I’m always afraid… That he doesn’t like it, that this, that, that. I am afraid. It happens to me too in the theater and on TV and everywhere,” she assumes.

The villain of the contest

-Did it cost you to get the most susane chip to venture into an almost antagonistic role?

-I liked it. But I didn’t like taking the red card from the participants, which was this (he takes it from a table and shows it). Because you give him yellow first, as a warning, but already with red you need to throw them out. I told them: “Sorry guys, but they laughed”. I’m the judge now, but I feel sorry for him.

-Do you get many red cards in your life?

-NO! Hopefully…

-Are you very patient?

-Yes, I am patient, tolerant. But I take it out when it’s time to take it out. I’m always right. Now, when it already breaks you a lot… bye. There are several things that can get me off (laughs). But, in general, I am a very happy person and I don’t like battle, fighting or bad vibes.

– Another novelty of the format is that you seat a young co-host. Which speaks of a gesture that does not abound in great figures.

-Yes, they brought Grego, who is divine, very nice and he was also nervous. But it’s not like he was driving. I was the boss! But since I never did and they were scared i was lonely, locked up with the 50 cameras, he came to help me a little. He is loving and that suited me. For this we consulted: “What, did he laugh or not?”. Because we had to be very careful about everything that happened.

-Has your interaction with social networks improved or are you still dangerous with the phone in hand?

-I They are a danger to me! Because I do everything… I’m not very cybernetic and I use batons. There I press and get a foot or whatever. But immediately I have people who tell me: “What did you post? But what did you post?”. And they cancel it. I learned pineapple, but I still think it’s the future. I always read and watch the networks a lot.

Susana commands the Argentinian version of this reality show in Japanese format.

Susana commands the Argentinian version of this reality show in Japanese format.

The other day I saw an elephant crossing a road. And the trucks stopped! in India and never seen that either. I also have a lot of fun with TikTokSusan admits.

-Did you dare to do something?

-No, I dare not. I’d love to do stuff and dance, but you have to learn choreography and I can’t. But I like to see it. The other day I saw a 101 year old lady tap dance and was blown away. And I said: “How wonderful, he’s young inside and that’s very important”.

Fans of Oscar and Darín

Ricardo Darín’s former partner regrets it Argentina, 1985 it did not win the Academy Award for Best International Film.

-Yes, we all expected to win it, but they still had so many awards and so many people saw it…and still see it. I was sorry I didn’t win, but they were also a bit suspicious, namely Ricardo (Darín) and Florencia (Bas).

-Did you talk to Ricardo afterwards?

-No, I spoke to “Flora”, but first. And, well… There was one film that was the favorite (the category of foreign films was left in the hands of the German No news at the front) and then one with the Chinese that won about 28 awards.

-Have the cabals failed? Did you have any?

-No but I’ve seen all the red carpet, I was sitting 4, 5 hours. It’s my program of the year.

-Your debut as host in “LOL Argentina” coincides with Wanda Nara’s debut in “MasterChef”. Did they cross any messages?

They asked me what I thought and they already wanted to look for rust. “Do you think I can replace you?”They told me and I told them not to talk nonsense. Wanda Nara is very funny and I love her very much. Every time I went to see her in Milan or Paris I laughed a lot because she is a character.

-The search for a successor is not from now, it almost comes from the past.

-But please! They’ve been looking for an heiress since I was 25. And they won’t find it (laughs).


Actor Dan Breitman is a member of the ‘LOL’ humor staff.

Is it better to laugh than cry?

-“LOL” is a ratings hit in many countries. Do you think Argentines need a little laugh?

-But How are they going to laugh if they haven’t had electricity for 25 days? Those families can never laugh. With 40 degrees of heat… They can’t turn on the fan, they can’t have a cold drink. It is inhumane and nobody gives you an explanation why this happens.

Migue Granados is one of the participants of "LOL".

Migue Granados is one of the participants of “LOL”.

-Since 2020 you live in Uruguay. What is it like to be distant in this context?

-And… I watch the news because I need to know what’s going on. It hurts me, but it’s a reality. I can’t be absent from what’s going on, but I have to seal my mouth, because I know myself.

Sick of contests

-Are you excited about returning to the traditional format of your show? Do you see it compatible with today’s television?

-They had bought me formats, but it was the same again. I live doing competitions… Imagine that for 35 years I’ve done everything: singing, adults, children. But my schedule would interest me. We planned to come back for the second semester, but I don’t know, because it’s a political year. So it’s hard to laugh and not talk about reality.

Was it pure intuition to say no to the other format?

-I have total intuition, for my life and I’ve always used it for my career. It’s not that he didn’t have failures to begin with. I debuted with butterflies are freea brutal success, but they had made me sign two contracts, because it had just started and after that I had to do another job, which was crap.

“It was nobody and we did it with Satur (Claudio García), who was with at the time Rolando Rivas, taxi driver and we had to get to the theater in a patrol car. When we went out there were a thousand people outside and fifty inside. It was the worst thing that ever happened to me,” she recalls.

How is the streaming schedule

he who laughs loses. It’s the only rule of fire that governs Susana’s new TV house: a colorful living room with monitors that record, during 6 hours of competition, every movement of 10 comedians locked up in a house with 50 cameras.

There is no winning formula. The trick is to hold on and, at the same time, make your opponent laugh. who has only one chance, the yellow card, before expulsion.

The television “experiment” of Japanese origin, and replicated all over the world, began to take shape in late July, in Mexico City, with one suitcase per participant and seven days of preventive isolation.

“They put masks on us from the hotel to the house, they made us go through labyrinths. He was traumatic for me,” she says. Dan Breitmanwhich is part of the chosen group together with Migue Granados, Charo López, Lucas Spadafora, Juampi González, Yayo Guridi, Mica Lapegüe, Julián Lucero, Darío Orsi AND Martino Rechimuzzi.

“It’s more of an experiment than a comedy. And it upsets you because it’s another language, it’s making you laugh without laughing and that drives you crazy”, adds Charo López.

And Julian continues: “It’s difficult, because I have an easy laugh. So I would practice grimaces, try to get a straight face, and work on my face before an act started, in case I was caught out with a joke. Another conflict was the artist ego, doing things and being garpe all the time”.

The only dispersion, during the entire duration of the marathon battle behind closed doors, is the intervention of Susana, owner of the cards that are drawn from the game one by one.

With Susana there was a small micro world, we had a sketch and shared a code. I love comedy and driving, in that sense it’s my dream job. I arrived in Mexico first and I spent 4 days having breakfast, lunch and rehearsal with Susana in a hotel in Mexico City. With a plate that said my name and the next to him, waiting to see what he ordered for breakfast to tell my grandmother”, closes the influencer.

“We happened to say: ‘How far can we make jokes, am I going to disrespect him? I can’t fuck with Susana’. And it was the other way around. It’s like dancing with Messi”, agree the protagonists who will play for the prize of 5 million pesos, donated to an NGO chosen by the winner.

Source: Clarin

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