Marcos’ ex-girlfriend appeared in the finale of ‘Big Brother’ and revolutionized the networks

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The presence of Juliet Illescas on the studio rostrum phone during the final of Big Brother captured the attention of everyone present and baffled much of the fandom of Marco Ginocchiothe newest cycle champion driven by Santiago del Moro. There is that the young woman in question is Salta’s ex-girlfriend.

After marisa brell introduced her in his networks as “Marcos’ girlfriend”, and many users of Chirping They will highlight their presence together with the family of Marcos in the final, the father of the champion broke the silence and described the bond his son has with Juliet.

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When asked by scoop nowJosé Ginoccio indicated: “Marcos had a relationship of three and a half years with Juli, which She is from Salta and we love her very much, and they walked away. I respect my son, they’ll have to talk now that he’s out. But he came single, we’ll see what happens.”

Marcos' mother, brothers and father together with Julieta, the young man's ex-girlfriend.  Television capture

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Marcos’ mother, brothers and father along with Julieta, the young man’s ex-girlfriend. Television capture

In addition, the man who entered the house two weeks before the final GH to reunite with his son, he revealed what his and his family’s reaction was like when Marcos told them he was going to participate in the famous Telefe contest.

“He told me four days before that he was coming in and it was a surprise to me as well as his mother. We didn’t know and he called us and told us ‘Look, Dad, there’s something you won’t like, they called me to come in Big Brother. And I’ve only seen the show once in my life,” José acknowledged.

“I said “If you’ve already made up your mind. go and show your values’. It was like that and then I never imagined what would happen the second day it all started. the truth that for us it is a nice change and we appreciate it, above all the affection of the people and we have no way of repaying that gratitude…”.

Marcos' ex-girlfriend Julieta with Marisa Brel.

Marcos’ ex-girlfriend Julieta with Marisa Brel.

For his part, Brel took to Twitter to tell how he met Julieta and found out she was the ex-partner of the newest GH winner. “I took her hand and asked her if she was Marcos’ girlfriend because I was surprised to see her with her cousin’s mother and He squeezed my hand tightly and smiled at me. I understood everything. And I understood that Marcos wanted to take care of her. And I liked it better! They are both beautiful. They were with family,” she said in a message.

Tweet by Marisa Brel.

Tweet by Marisa Brel.

On social networks, moreover, a tender image of framesafter having consecrated himself champion, together with Julieta, who traveled from Salta to accompany his cousin in this very special moment.

“How beautiful”, “Handles Incredible Beauty”“It seems very much to me that that day was there,” and “They look so cute together and it fits his profile very much. If she had exposed her, they would have spent five months molesting the poor girl, It was his best move not to talk about the relationship.”were just some of the comments that postcard received on Twitter.

Marcos with Julieta, his ex girlfriend.

Marcos with Julieta, his ex girlfriend.

It is worth clarifying that Marcos has always said inside the house that he is single, although he has made it clear on some occasions he had left something unfinished with his ex girlfriend.

Meanwhile last weekend, a few hours before the grand finale, he remarked it “I Wasn’t in a Relationship” and under the watchful eye of Julieta and Nacho, he recognized that “before entering the Big Brother“his ex-girlfriend had ‘left him in a message’.

Source: Clarin

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