Jorge Lanata criticized Jésica Cirio for how she spoke of Jey Mammón in La Peña de Morfi

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After being separated from Telefe due to public denunciation by Lucas Benvenuto, jey mammon he didn’t drive Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sundays at 11.30), for which he remained responsible jessica cirio AND Georgina Barbarossa.

At the beginning of the program it was Cirio who spoke and referred to the situation of his former partner.

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“Everything that is happening is in the public domain, it really has nothing to do with the spirit or essence of ‘La Peña'”, Cirio assured on Jey, accompanied by all the members of the program. And he added: “We accompany the decision of the channel until all this is resolved, these unfortunate and sad facts that have affected us all”.

Then, he presented Barbarossa. “You know that rock belongs to the people, we will give you all the best: joy, music and information”were Barbarossa’s first words, trying to cheer her up.

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Together they carried on the program as usual, without again quoting Jey and Benvenuto, who assured that they had been abused and then had an affair with the driver when she was a minor.

Cirio’s position in Rock of Morphi has been analyzed by Marina Calabró and Jorge Lanata in Wool Without Filter (Miter Radio).

Jorge Lanata questioned Jésica Cirio on how she spoke about Jey Mammón.

Jorge Lanata questioned Jésica Cirio on how she spoke about Jey Mammón.

“I saw a cut of Cirio. And it seemed to me an incredible role. I’ve never seen La Peña … but they were all in a circle, as if she were a wake, all with a circumstantial face … “, said Lanata, critical of the driver.

“He says ‘public facts’… But he never mentioned it (Jey Mammon)”he then highlighted referring to the words of Cirio.

Then, Marina added: “Some issues need to be clarified so that we all know what terms we are talking about. What does ‘it is in the public domain’ mean? This is a device to relieve oneself of the discomfort of putting qualifying adjectives and sad ‘no more euphemisms gets”.

“Yes, unfortunate,” Lanata agreed. “Clearly he was reading it or rehearsing it. It wasn’t words that came out spontaneously. The lack of attention gives me the impression that his figure was half forced,” said Calabró, implying that Jey’s relationship with Cirio as co-hosts does not it has ever been the best.

The word of Jésica Cirio and Georgina Barbarossa in La Peña de Morfi after the complaint against Jey Mammón

Source: Clarin

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