“How strange!”: Julieta’s spicy statement about Marcos after his girlfriend’s appearance in the final

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After establishing himself as the winner of Big Brother, Marco Ginocchio met Juliet Illescas, his partner, which he kept secret throughout the contest. And now Juliet Poggio, cycle finalist, He questioned the young woman from Salta.

In Cut by Lozano (Telefe, at 14:30) They were analyzing, together with the finalist, everything that the great definition of the cycle left behind and the topic arose of the surprise it generated in the spectators to discover that El Primo had a girlfriend, something he hid for more than five months.

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“There was the girl who appears to be the girl… Marcos entered the house and said that he interrupted the girl to enter the house. Evidently the fiancée went to the gallery, they met and kissed. They kissed,” said Juariu, a member of the Vero Lozano cycle.

Julieta, Marcos' alleged girlfriend, attended the final with her family.

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Julieta, Marcos’ alleged girlfriend, attended the final with her family.

Then, Poggio, totally surprised, reacted: “He never told me. I didn’t know. He didn’t mention her. He said he had an ex. I ask a question: is this your first time on the podium?”

“Yes,” all the speakers answered in unison. “How strange, isn’t it? Right winner and appears… Right in the final…”he shot Poggio, implying that he distrusted the intentions of Primo’s supposed partner.

“You say you want to hang yourself from him?” Vero Lozano asked him without hesitation. And Juli continued spicy: “I mean, why didn’t he go to other booths. Right at the end he shows up. The appearance is rare. Ask him when you see him, but it’s going to be tough because El Primo won’t tell you anything.”

“Maybe he came from Salta now because he knew he would see Marcos. He was about to leave so he would see him and he traveled…”, Juariu told him. “No, it’s not that. Lucca went to all dishes”Said the influencer, emphasizing the differences between his partner and Marcos’ alleged girlfriend.

When the presenter told Julieta to leave a question for Marcos, who will be interviewed on Tuesday in the same cycle, she interpreted it: “We want to know why the girl showed up at the very end?”

Julieta Poggio spoke about Marcos' girlfriend.  Catch TV.

Julieta Poggio spoke about Marcos’ girlfriend. Catch TV.

And then he also prepared another question referring to the bond that the man from Salta had with Agustín Guardis, his big boy at home: “We want to know if when you go out and see everything Agustín has done, they will continue to be friends.”

The first public appearance of Julieta, Marcos’ alleged girlfriend

The family of Marcos Ginocchio, winner of Big Brotherwas present in the gallery to receive the sample after more than five months of isolation and was surprised by the presence of Julieta Illescas, who was his cousin’s girlfriend before the young man entered the house.

Marisa Brel, a speaker from El Debate, identified the young woman in the stands for the first time since the start of the cycle and asked for her photo. By the way, she took the opportunity to try and find out if she was the alleged “closed” girlfriend of the newest reality show winner.

The photo of Marisa Brel with who would be the girlfriend of Marcos.  Instagram.

The photo of Marisa Brel with who would be the girlfriend of Marcos. Instagram.

“This is Juli. I took her by the hand and asked her if she was Marcos’ girlfriend because I was surprised to see her with her cousin’s mother and she squeezed my hand tightly, smiled at me. I understood everything. And I understood that Marcos wanted to take care of her. And I loved it more. They are both beautiful. They were with family,” the reporter said.

Source: Clarin

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