Home Entertainment Nazarena Vélez faced the accusation that Jey Mammón presented to Lucas Benvenuto

Nazarena Vélez faced the accusation that Jey Mammón presented to Lucas Benvenuto

Nazarena Vélez faced the accusation that Jey Mammón presented to Lucas Benvenuto

After the allegations of child sexual abuse a Jey Mammon, Nazarena Velezwho is a great friend of the actor, was very saddened THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm). Now, the media has defended itself after being accused of being her “accomplice”.

A week ago the strong complaint that Lucas Benvenuto had made years ago to Jey, from whom he had separated Rock of Morphi (Teleph, Sunday at 11.30).

That day, the speaker of the program he hosts panache angel she burst into tears live and assured that she was “shocked” because she loved the actor and the pilot very much.

Nazarena Vélez spoke about Jey Mammon.  Catch TV.

Nazarena Vélez spoke about Jey Mammon. Catch TV.

“I’m on the victim’s side, and that’s what hurts. When selected, it’s so unforgivable that’s what makes it bad“, explained the mother of last Thursday Barbie Velez.

However, a few days later, an old tweet from Jey Mammon has surfaced in which he tells Nazarena that he will visit her with her fiancé because he wants to meet his “mother-in-law”.

“My love is not long, Thursday I go to see you with my boyfriend, he wants to meet his mother-in-law”, says the message which dates from March 2011.

The networks exploded and a version began to circulate that Nazarena would meet Lucas, when she was still Jey’s partner. Following these rumors, many have targeted the media accusing them of being “accomplices” of the artist.

Now Vélez has shared a video on his Instagram account, where he accumulates almost two and a half million followers and has defended himself against the accusations.

“I want to talk about Jey Mammon. Honestly I needed to take a few days to be able to deal with this problem, I can talk about it because I want them to know It is very painful to find out that you loved a monster, that you helped a pedophile get into the middle”began by telling the media.

The tweet engaging Nazarena Vélez.  Chirping.

The tweet engaging Nazarena Vélez. Chirping.

Later, she developed, “It’s very painful, it’s very frustrating, it’s very shocking, it’s very crippling. And I, as a mother and as a grandmother, Knowing that I have left “Chino” (Gonzalo, the son Nazarena had with Daniel Agostini) and Barbi (Vélez) de Jey close several times paralyzes me”.

“I believe every word of Lucas (Welcome) and on top of that, I think there must be other Lucas out there who dare not, out of shame or pain, report. Because whoever does it once does it many times,” he said.

Another of the controversial tweets that complicate Jey Mammon.

Another of the controversial tweets that complicate Jey Mammon.

And he continued: “What I can’t believe is that justice should wash its hands of it, say to a minor: ‘You can file a complaint but until this year, then good luck…’”.

“Something must be done with the laws, because creatures must always be protected, whole life, not the first ten years. And even the trash who does such a thing has to pay for it for life,” he attacked.

Nazarena Vélez has assured that she has never met Lucas Benvenuto

At the same time, Nazarena Vélez clarified that she has never seen Lucas Benvenutoalthough he acknowledged that Jey Mammon has probably mentioned this at some point.

“It is very frustrating for me to discover a crime like this and that this person is not in prison, I can’t believe it,” the speaker clarified.

And he continued: “On the other hand, I also want to tell you that I have never met Lucas. Surely Jey must have referred me to Lucas like other people he dated, but what he never said was that he was a minor.”

Strong discharge of Nazarena Vélez.  Instagram.

Strong discharge of Nazarena Vélez. Instagram.

“Lucas explains it very well in the complaint, Jey was very careful so that they did not see him, it is seen that with a minor, therefore I never imagined he was a rapist, otherwise I would never have opened the doors of my house to him and let him tell me how he related to my children”he has declared.

“I want with my soul that justice be done for Lucas and for the number of Lucas out there who have been abused, who have ruined their childhoods and their lives,” she said.

A few hours later, a little calmer, Nazarena closed the topic with an energetic sentence: “For me who is silent grants”.

Source: Clarin


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