Jey Mammón recorded a statement after the sexual abuse complaint: “I have not raped anyone”

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Finally, after the words of Luke Welcomewhich he assured that he was sexually abused by jey mammon when he was 14, the comedian and host decided to talk and He posted a disclaimer on his social media.

Jey, who has been removed from his role as a pilot of Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sunday at 11:30), shared a video on his Instagram account and gave his version of events: he claimed to know Lucas and also admitted that they were in a relationship, which, according to him, started when the young man was 16 years old.

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“I’m going through, perhaps, the worst moment of my life. The levels of anguish I’m feeling I’ve never experienced. I didn’t know what I’m feeling to be able to live, I didn’t know a person could go through what I’m going through. It’s new to me. That’s why for a week, more or less, I have an urgent need to go out and shout, not to say, shout, I want to go out and shout everywhere what I’m about to tell you. started by saying,

Jey Mammón has filed a defense after the complaint against him.  Video capture.

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Jey Mammón has filed a defense after the complaint against him. Video capture.

“But you know what? It won’t come out. I can’t, I don’t have the strength. I’m in this chair and I can’t get up. I have not violated, I have not abused. I haven’t drugged anyone. Never, never in life. I haven’t and I wouldn’t.”she added, through tears.

“We’re talking about a 14-year-old boy. This is the important thing. Now, to understand things a little more, I have to go deeper”, he continued, and detailed the bond he had with Benvenuto: “I know Lucas. I’m not going to say ‘I don’t know who he is, I don’t know him’. I know him. He met Lucas on April 25, 2009. He says he saw me at a party and I was 14. He was 16 at that party We met at that party. We exchanged a few words. There are witnesses, there are videos. What I say can be proven.”

“I was in a relationship with Lucas, I was in a relationship with Lucas,” she clarified. And highlighted: “I’m not going to sweep my bond with him under a rug, nor did I at the time, because we went hand in hand down the road, we kissed in the street. That bond lasted until about the age of 25 years, between comings and goings”.

“It was a bond full of love, containment, consent. Nothing further from rape, abuse, drugging him… None of that. I deny it again, I need to deny it outright all the time. i need to do it! Because it makes me sick to hear it every time I hear it. Adding to the age issue, which I repeat, that’s not even true,” he said.

“I understand Lucas needs to edit his story, but he’s not accusing me of things that aren’t true. He’s not editing his story by accusing me of things I didn’t do,” Jey added, pointing at Lucas.

The details of Lucas Benvenuto’s complaint

In December 2020, Benvenuto reported the abuses suffered between the ages of 14 and 18 before the Justice. Due to the passage of time, the prosecution was extinguished and the justice dismissed the defendant, Juan Martín Rago (46), better known as Jey Mammon.

It was less than three months before the National Criminal and Penitentiary Court No. 3 fired the driver because he understood that the reported offense was time-barred in 2018. Lucas, for his part, never challenged the resolution, which ended up burying his complaint.

In his complaint, Lucas said he met Jey through a mutual friend when he was 14 and the driver was 31. “I remember waking up in his bed next to him with marks on his body not understanding what had happened. What I do know is that he was always soft on me that night before he lost consciousness. The next day I got up, called me a cab and went back to my house,” she said in a snippet of her complaint.

Source: Clarin

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