Alfa de Gran Hermano revealed that he has been offered positions in politics and explained why he turned them down

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Walter “Alfa” Santiago, one of the most controversial characters of the latest edition of Big Brother, confessed this Wednesday that since his departure from reality he received several offers to enter politics and he has assured that he has refused them because he does not consider himself suitable for public office. Furthermore, he accused the Argentine leadership and described them as “hypocrites”.

“I am against everything political. I left Big Brother and they offered me political jobs e I told everyone no. They told me to run for councilor, for this or that party. Of so many parties that are not relevant, ”she commented in an interview she gave on the LN + channel.

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In this sense, he explained why he decided to refuse all those offers: “I won’t enter because to do politics you have to be fit and know”.

“In December 1983, the profession of ‘he who is inept for everyone is suited to politics’ was invented. So if you’re a good driver or a good comedian and you made a lot of people laugh or sang well, you can be a candidate,” he said. His interviewers quoted Carlos Reutemann, Daniel Scioli and Ramón “Palito” Ortega, and nominated “(Marcos) Di Palma and Miguel del Sel”.

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"They offered me political positions and I told everyone no," said Alfa, of Big Brother.

“They offered me political positions and I told everyone no,” said Alfa, of Big Brother.

Alpha quickly tried to differentiate itself from them. “I am a character who came to light for what I said and said in Big Brother. That doesn’t make me fit to have a political position in any way,” she said.

Politics here is taken as a joke and manage the world’s money,” he indicated. And he reflected: “For as long as I can remember, I have heard that we are in a crisis and that we have a plan to get out of it. But if the plan worked, if the hype and the picket line worked, we would be Germany or a first world country today.

“Temporary amnesia” with Gabriela Cerruti and sticks for the political class

During his confinement in the Big Brother house, Alfa linked Alberto Fernández to an alleged request for “bribes”. His words have reached the highest levels of government and even the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, has asked that both the production of Big Brother, Telefe Noticias and the competitor of the reality show “withdraw and cease” an “aggravating attitude”.

Alfa refrained from referring to the matter tonight, claiming that he has “temporary amnesia” on the subject. What he didn’t ignore were the statements by Víctor Hugo Morales, who questioned him for entering the reality show wearing a jacket with the colors of the American flag, and insinuated that he was speaking “on behalf of the embassy itself” about that North American country.

“I went with a jacket I bought at Daytona 12 years ago. The leather is very good and has never cracked. I love it, I like it and I like the colors of the American flag,” he noted. And he took aim at the Uruguayan journalist who had an abrupt departure from the official C5N news channel earlier this month.

“Now, Víctor Hugo says it, but he recounted the matches of River Plate, Boca Juniors, Racing Club, All Boys. They go to the track and fight over Ford and Chevrolet. They buy Wrangler pants, they wear Raybans and they smoke Marlboros, and they prostitute against the American empire,” he said, placing particular emphasis on terms of English origin.

"They make prostitutes against the

“They work as prostitutes against the American empire and when they have to ask for money, they go there to do it,” Alfa said of Big Brother about the political class.

And he added: “We grew up in a country where the brands were foreign. They go to the US and queue up at the Apple boutique to buy the latest iPhone” “It is a hypocritical country. They play whores against the American empire and when they have to ask for money they go there to do it ”, he launched Alfa against the political leadership.

Alfa and inflation at home: “He told Romina ‘it’s exploding'”

In another section of the interview, Alfa focused on some conversations he had with former Kirchner deputy Romina Uhrig, another of the participants in the program, on politics and inflation.

“We spoke several times about politics with Romina and I gave her my position. She told me she was proud of the picnic areas and I told her I would be more proud if the parents of the children who went to the picnic areas were taught to work and produce so they could snack at home.” she remarked.

He also distanced himself from the former partner of Walter Festa, a former mayor of Moreno, in the way he perceived the increase in prices during his stay in the house, which they could only imagine from the purchase of the supplies they made weekly.

“When we were going to the supermarket to buy at home, I told Romina ‘this is exploding, because a chicken can’t possibly cost $2,800. She said they were manipulating prices to scare us. Like an ‘Era Macri’ ”, she joked.

Finally, Alfa gave a personal example, to graphically represent the price increase from when he entered the television program broadcast by Telefé until this week, until he left by public decision.

“I had thyroid surgery and take levothyroxine 175 milligrams every day. The last one I bought, two days before entering the hotel, and then entering the house on October 12, I paid $2,100. The same Levothyroxine, I’m paying $5,900 today,” he exemplified.

Source: Clarin

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