Jorge Rial told the details of his interview with Jey Mammón: “He told me he never comes back to this TV”

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There was a media uproar this afternoon when it was confirmed George Rial I would interview one on one Jey Mammonwho is going through one of the worst times after a child sexual abuse complaint against her became known.

“It’s that there were so many media at the door of the humorist’s house, in Palermo, when they saw the driver enter Argentzuela (C5N, Mon-Fri 3pm) accompanied by cameramen and a production team.

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That’s why most of the journalists waited for the former intruder to leave to ask him for the details of the interview, later it was Rial himself who told of the complaint that Lucas Benvenuto he had done to the actor in 2020, giving his name and surname to a hitherto anonymous accusation.

Jorge Rial told LAM the details of his note with Jey Mammón.  Television capture

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Jorge Rial told LAM the details of his note with Jey Mammón. Television capture

it was like this Santiago Marriedthe engine of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8:00 p.m.) obtained Rial’s testimony. First he asked him with what impression he had come to do the interview and with what impression he had left. “I arrived with the expectation of making a note to the most wanted boy of the moment and I’m still adjusting what happened”was the first thing the driver said.

I ended up with a very strong note and with a Jey Mammón eager to speak. I asked him questions and interrogated him. There was a very tense moment and things he didn’t like being told to him. He also sent me personal invoices and invoices to the media in general. He threw very strong things” Rial added on the result of the interview.

Regarding the humorist’s anger with the medium, Rial clarified that “Perhaps he thought the medium would patronize the hard way. And the medium is not like that. I always say you turn on the TV and it has no heart, it has nothing. Today we stand and tomorrow the goalkeeper cuts us. You have to be clear about this.”

after the reporter She asked him if he had believed his interviewee. “You don’t happen to believe him or not, because it’s not a matter of faith. What he’s accused of is against my values. And I told him. We had this discussion on the air, and the theme of age is fundamental in the speech. And she cried too, for those who want to know,” she said referring to the video Jey uploaded a few days ago.

“Either way, when people see the note, they’ll decide whether to believe it or not,” he added. “He also referred to what is happening to him and spoke with Lucas (Welcome) looking directly at the camera and he even empathized with the complainant“, described the reporter

Regarding Jey Mammón’s future work, Rial said that “One strong line he said to me was that he never comes back to this TV. We all have a feeling he’s not coming back and he knows it. He’s not stupid. That’s why I asked him what he was looking for with this note and what would happen to him from now on. He has clear ideas about what is happening to him,” he said.

The anguish of Jey Mammón and his future

As for his condition, he told me he was on a pill, distressed. He also talks about the two press releases. The Jey you will see in this note is the one who speaks without lawyers, without friends. We chatted a bit earlier and I told him I would ask him anything he wanted, no conditioning. He accepted and answered everything. He even got angry. At one point things got tenseRial explained.

Then he gave some details of the speech: “He gave me a personal account regarding the lawsuit, because he learned from me that it was I who named this lawsuit. He told me when I mentioned him Argentzuela went to the bathroom to throw up. In this tone was the speech.”

Then the movilero asked him if Jey hadn’t seen Welcome’s complaint coming when he said he had been mistreated by “A Telefe driver”. “He tells me about a year gap between a call he makes between 2019 and 2020, where he leaves a sign that something is about to happen. It tells me in the ticket. I repeat: it is not a note either for or against, but it is a note”.

Toward the end, the reporter asked because Rial believed that the complaint against Jey was not known at the time Lucas Benvenuto made it. And why has it come to light now, three years later.

“I don’t know why this didn’t come to light in 2020 because If the Judiciary usually does something when it has a case with a famous person, it’s spit it all over the place make a mess. They are very cholulos and love quilombo. Look how easy it was… When we heard Lucas’ message we all thought it was Jey. We searched the internet for it and found it,” she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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