Chano denied supporting Jey Mammón in networks

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After the controversy generated by a comment on a post by Jey Mammón who denied his guilt after the allegations of child sexual abuse by Lucas Benvenuto, Santiago Chano Moreno Charpentier He denied supporting the driver.

“Comment wasn’t mine. It’s fake”said the leader of so bionic through a WhatsApp message he sent in the last few hours to Pampito Perello Aciar

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In detail, the musician also explained to the speaker about very morning (Ciudad Magazine, Monday to Friday at 10) because he hadn’t come out to clarify earlier: “But if I go out and clarify the matter it doubles… A Pampito brawl”.

Meanwhile, regarding that capture of a comment supporting Jey Mammon from his verified Instagram account, he indicated: “I feel an anger…”.

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The alleged commentary of Jey Mammón and Chano.

The alleged commentary of Jey Mammón and Chano.

The controversy surrounding Chano’s alleged comment arose this Wednesday when the now former driver of Rock of Morphi (Telefe, Sunday at 11:30) shared in his official account of instagram a disclaimer denying that he raped, drugged and sexually abused Benvenuto.

Then, to the surprise of many, among the thousands of comments left by users of the aforementioned social network, one appeared that seemed to be written by Moreno Charpentier and said: “I believe you. We believe you man.”

That comment caused a lot of criticism and was soon deleted.

The release of Jey Mammon

Jey Mammon posted a video from which he defended himself on his Instagram account on Wednesday the complaint made by Lucas Benvenuto in 2020.

“I’m going through, perhaps, the worst moment of my life. The levels of anguish I’m feeling I’ve never experienced. I didn’t know how I felt to be able to live, I didn’t know that a person could go through what I am going through,” she began by saying.

And he continued: “It’s new to me. That’s why I’ve had an urgent need to go out and shout for a week or so, not to say, to shout, I want to go out and shout everywhere what I’m going to tell them.”

“But you know what? It won’t come out. I can’t, I don’t have the strength. I’m in this chair and I can’t get up. I have not violated, I have not abused. I haven’t drugged anyone. Never, never in life. I haven’t and I wouldn’t,” the driver said in that edited shot.

In addition, the musician also said: “We are talking about a 14 year old boy.. This is what’s important. Now, to understand things a little more, I have to go deeper.”

“I know Lucas. I’m not going to say ‘I don’t know who he is, I don’t know him.’ I know him. She met Lucas on April 25, 2009. She says she saw me at a party and I was 14. She was 16 at that party. We met at that party. We exchanged a few words. There are witnesses, there are videos. What I’m saying can be proven,” she explained.

“I had a bond with Lucas, me I was in a relationship with Lucas. I’m not going to sweep my relationship with him under a rug, nor did I at the time, because We went hand in hand on the street, we kissed on the street. That bond lasted until he was about 25, with the comings and goings,” Jey acknowledged.

And he clarified: “It was a bond full of love, containment, consent. Nothing further from rape, abuse, drugging him… None of that. I deny it again, I need to deny it outright all the time. i need to do it! Because it makes me sick to hear it every time I hear it. Added to the age thing, which I repeat, it’s not even true

Source: Clarin

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