Jorge Rial’s tense relationship with Jey Mammón, who said: “I’m in shock”

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Today, Friday 31 March, a few minutes after 15:00, the highly publicized report by George Rial TO jey mammon In Argentzuela, of C5N. to the driver of The Rock of Morphimusician and comedian saw himself totally dejected, although he wanted to tell his version of the facts and talk about the controversial allegations of sexual abuse.

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From the floor of the program, Rial welcomed and said: “Today is a very special day, a very special program, very tense, always on the edge, but journalism is like this: interviewing, asking, listening and looking for answers.” .

Interview Jorge Rial with Jey Mammon

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Interview Jorge Rial with Jey Mammon

He reiterated his “always” position against child abuse, recalled that “by law he has not committed a crime” and asked that this issue be discussed in the future.

He immediately began the note recorded yesterday at Jey’s house, but not before having clarified that he is not a friend of Jey and having also commented that speaking of the detail of Lucas’ age he had more doubts than before.

“It is a note in which we review all states of mind”, anticipated Rial, referring to the interview which lasted “an hour and twenty in line, with 60 minutes of conversation”.

The first part of the interview

Already at Jey’s house, Jorge Rial said “Thank you for having me in this difficult moment”, and Jey replied: “Thanks to you, I chose you because we are not friends and I consider you a shrewd, profound and capable journalist down to the bone I think the situation justifies it. I’ve thought about it, I haven’t consulted anyone and I need you to ask the questions.”

She added, “I’m probably having the worst time of my life. I’m in shock, I’m in shock, and I’m always taking clonazepam to make it through.”

Dog-faced, hard and with serious gestures, Rial asked “What are you looking for with this note and with the affirmation, what are you trying to reverse, because there is no cause?”.

Jore Rial interviews Jey Mammon photo @@rialjorge

Jore Rial interviews Jey Mammon photo @@rialjorge

-I, as you see me sitting, think I have been like this since the first day, sitting, lying down or dejected. The statement was a ‘something needs to be done’. What I have to do from scratch, which I could not do, I do now with you. I need to shout from the rooftops not my truth, but the truth.”

-What was Lucas for you, what did it mean?

Lucas was a loving bond to me, beautiful. I think it was a very nice connection and I even composed a song for him. It was one of the few love songs I wrote in my life.

-Was he 14 or 16 years old?

-This is the important point. It is an atrocity to think that I raped him. The complaint says she says she met me when I was 14. I met him when I was 16, at a party in 2009. There are ways to prove it because there are witnesses and videos, even a YouTube link to the party where we met.

-It was a 16 year old boy at a party, was that normal?

-First, they weren’t all 16-year-olds. Could it happen that a 16-year-old boy entered with an adulterated document? He was with a friend, who texted me two days ago and said, “I can’t believe what he’s doing to you.”

-It’s important for me to tell you something, Jorge. I always maintain that Lucas is the victim of a story that I am now unfolding.

The advance in “Hard to Tame”

Last night, Thursday, a preview aired Hard to tameand also Jorge Rial recounted some details of the interview In THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm), just as he was leaving Jey Mammón’s house, after talking to him for more than an hour.

“I arrived with the expectation of making a note to the most wanted boy of the moment and I’m still adjusting what happened”was the first thing the driver said.

“I ended up on a very strong note and with a Jey Mammón who really wanted to talk. I asked him questions and cross-examined him. There was a very tense moment and things he didn’t like being told to him. He also sent me personal invoices and invoices to the media in general. He threw very strong things” Rial added on the result of the interview.

Regarding the humorist’s anger with the medium, Rial clarified that “Perhaps he thought the medium would patronize the hard way. And the medium is not like that. I always say you turn on the TV and it has no heart, it has nothing. Today we stand and tomorrow the goalkeeper cuts us. You have to be clear about this.”

Then the reporter asked him if he believed his interviewee. “It doesn’t happen to believe him or not, because it’s not a matter of faith. What is pointed out or accused of goes against my values. And I told him. We had this discussion on the air and the question of age is central to the discussion. And he cried too, for those who want to know.”

Regarding Jey Mammón’s future work, Rial said that “One strong line he said to me was that he never comes back to this TV. We all have a feeling he’s not coming back and he knows it. He’s not stupid. That’s why I asked him what he was looking for with this note and what would happen to him from now on. He has clear ideas about what is happening to him,” he said.

Source: Clarin

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