Andrea Rincón has opened up about the details of the relationship she had with a 33-year-old boy when she was 15

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In the midst of the debates that have been generated in several television media since the arrest of Marcello Corazza and the media complaint against jey mammonin both cases for issues of sexual abuse of minors, Andrea Rincón surprised her colleagues Rock and pop recounting a personal experience of his adolescence.

First, he recounted a case that happened in his own family, when he said that “My grandmother got married when she was 15 and my grandfather was around that age. What Sofía Gala says”, (in relation to the love story of the daughter of Moria Casan with a doctor over the age of 40). Then one of her classmates contradicted her, pointing it out “According to the law, there is no consent when you’re 15”.

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It was then that Andrea told his story, hitherto unknown. “In fact, as a girl I also had a 33-year-old boyfriend at 15. Before, things were naturalized and different”he said, despite the fact that some of his colleagues disagreed with his position.

Andrea Rincón questioned the relationship of comic directors a few years ago with women in the artistic environment.  instagram

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Andrea Rincón questioned the relationship of comic directors a few years ago with women in the artistic environment. instagram

Moreover Andrea recalled the way television of the time showed misogynistic and sexist attitudes where women were reduced to just showing off their bodies and being teased and teased by the bosses. And he asked a strong question about it.

We had Guillermo Francella on TV saying “It’s a girl”, Alberto Olmedo and Jorge Porcel hitting two minesput them to rape them, it was cultural and what we consumed”, concluded the actress, annoyed by what was happening at the time and by what women had to endure if they wanted to continue in the artistic world.

Rincón will be a star in ATAV 2

Wise as few in the world of lookouts, who is right they were quite reified by the humorists of the dayespecially in the 80s, Andrea Rincón talked about what his characters will be like ATAV 2where one of the main themes has to do with that theme.

Andrea Rincón will play Mónica, an experienced star.

Andrea Rincón will play Mónica, an experienced star.

The actress will take on the role of monicaa famous star of the time (many associate her with Moria Casán, although she neither claims nor denies it)”He’s a pretty dark charactera first lookout who has been working for years and suddenly the character of Ana (played by Justina Bustos) appears and comes to dethrone me,” he defined.

In this context, he admitted that “I start doing everything for her”, as a “normal” reaction of an experienced star when she saw her continuity in jeopardy due to the appearance of a young woman who was getting her way. “They broke my shoes, they broke my wardrobe when I was working in that field”, he admitted without naming names, but comparing fiction with reality.

Precisely because he had experienced it firsthand, Rincón was encouraged to suggest adding a few things to the script of the strip that El Trece will premiere in a few days. “I read the books and said that this is missing here, the other is missing, They paid me shovelfuls in the middle of the dance, that world is braveBut I won’t name names.

Source: Clarin

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