Eight years after his last visit, Jaime Roos will perform at Luna Park

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Eight years after your last visit to our country and after some forced postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jaime Roos will be presented on June 10 at the Luna Park stadium.

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The Uruguayan artist, creator of classics such as Peach and Convention, if I go before I go, Colombina AND the olympiansAmong many, he will review his greatest hits together with a band in which renowned musicians such as the Ibarburu brothers, Gustavo Montemurro and Zurdo Bessio stand out.

The performance postponed to Buenos Aires had been anticipated in January by Ross himself in an interview with the newspaper Village of Uruguay, on the occasion of the closing of its series of shows half centuryalthough he did not specify the dates.

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“It’s very simple: we want to play and people tell us they want to hear us, so we’ll continue,” is how this tour explains. Photo: Andres D’Elia

“Although the original plan was at the end of the tour half century I would step away from the stage again to devote myself to other projects, a change had to be made on the fly. It’s very simple: we want to play and people tell us they want to hear us, so we’ll keep going,” she said.

And he added: “Since I have nothing confirmed and I’m terrified of announcing things that don’t happen, the only thing I can communicate to you is an expression of desire for three points: to go on a tour to Uruguay, to go play in Argentina and say adieu in some theater in Montevideo”.

half century It had signified his return to live shows after a six-year absence from the stage, in a comeback that has been delayed, first due to the coronavirus pandemic and then due to some changes to his schedule.

His last recital in our country was offered in 2015 in Banfield.

Tickets for the Luna Park concert are available via the Ticketportal website.

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And there’s nothing better to get to know him than reading El Montevideo, the book that the journalist and historian Milita Alfaro has just launched in complicity with the author of Loving You, Colombian and other songs that we Argentines welcome as our own.

Life and works of Jaime Roos, in "El Montevideo".

Life and works of Jaime Roos, in “El Montevideo”.

“I am 63 years old and have lived through a third of my country’s history. Sociologically, culturally, historically, for Milita Alfaro my case, born in that neighborhood and in that circumstance, is the cover of a book», says the man who grew up in the Barrio Sur, son of a family melting pot. “I am the child of everything you read and it is clearly reflected in my work,” he says thinking about the book.

“We all have psychological problems with our parents. They are inevitable. In my generation the problems were not only the psychological ones that one can have with respect to the elderly, but we were in the midst of a global political, cultural and sociological collapse.

This produced a war within the family; fierce because it was every day. A war at the table also on Sundays, Fridays and Mondays ”, he explains.

I feel represented by the cross. There are my ethical principles and there is the symbol of the civilization to which I belong. I am a Christian without believing that Christ was God. Every time I approach faith and a single God without human interpretation.

Source: Clarin

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