Joaqui was involved in an accident in Quilmes aboard her truck

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Joaquinha Lerena, better known by her stage name La Joaqui, starred this Sunday evening in a car accident when he was traveling in his truck through the city of Quilmes in southern Greater Buenos Aires.

The 28-year-old RKT cumbia singer, songwriter and actress rammed from behind with his white Amarok to a black Bora car in which, according to the site Infobana police officer was traveling with his two children, at the intersection of 893 street and Santa Fe avenue, in the neighborhood of La Paz.

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Fortunately, everyone involved in the event, which took place around 20:30, they were unharmedEven if the truck of the rapper from Mar del Plata suffered damage, in the front, and the other vehicle, at the height of the door and the rear wheel of the right sector.

The images after the episode quickly spread on social networks, where videos of La Joaqui being approached by police officers to get her data were published. Then they would have escorted her to the police station to find out more details about the episode.

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Joaqui rammed a black Bora car from behind with her white Amarok in Quilmes.

Joaqui rammed a black Bora car from behind with her white Amarok in Quilmes.

The artist, one of the current protagonists of urban music and free style, moved to Bernal a few months ago, a town also belonging to the Quilmes party and close to the scene of the accident.

“In the federal capital there are many cars, quilombos and whores. I’m moving south to Bernal. I like the neighborhoods where you meet the neighbor and not those places where you go down in the elevator without knowing who you are with », he explained at the time.

Recently, La Joaqui, creator of songs such as “Butakera” and “Dos besitos”, and of the album “Barbie Copiloto” which has exceeded 400 million views on different platforms, has been confirmed together with Abel Pintos, La Joaqui, Emir Abdul and Florencia. Peña as one of the judges of the program “Got Talent Argentina”, which will be broadcast by Telefe and will be hosted by Lizy Tagliani.

Joaqui went viral by changing the steering wheel of her car on the highway

In mid-March, La Joaqui was surprised by a fan who filmed her on the highway, changing the wheel of her car, after having suffered an accident and a broken tire.

The video, which currently has nearly 690,000 views on TikTok, was uploaded by user @francoescobedook, who filmed the surprised artist, unable to believe the situation she found herself in.

“When you’re here, on the highway, and suddenly you come across someone who has had a puncture,” said Franco in the video that has gone viral and has already received 45,000 likes.

In the images, La Joaqui can be seen in front of her car, analyzing what happened to the vehicle. The singer, known among her fans for being a “fierrera”, that is connoisseur of cars and motorcycles, when she saw the camera she waved a rag and clarified that It’s not “just a pretty face”in reference to the fact that he might as well change the flat tire on his car.


Source: Clarin

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