Coti Romero uploaded a photo showing off her body and left a strong definition

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In times when people prefer to show themselves without filters and highlight their beauty beyond any imperfection, Constance Romerobetter known as Coti de GH, He uploaded two photos on his social networks where he is seen in his underweartaking selfies.

“I was no longer afraid to show my body as it is, with cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, marks and scars, beautiful”, described in his message. As in these cases, the post generated a lot of comments.

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In a short time it reached almost 30,000 “likes” and more than 1,500 appointments, where almost everyone agreed on the same concept: there were many comments that dealt with his fatnesswhich has given her a complex and the need to prove that she’s not “perfect,” but that she can live with her flaws.

Coti shared the photos accepting her body without fear of the opinion of others.  instagram

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Coti shared the photos accepting her body without fear of the opinion of others. instagram

“Wish we had that unfiltered loin! You’re the bomb”, encouraged a follower. “You look good colo. I kept it up, never mind showing it and I also kept trying to improve what one should do in life. But you are good,” said another.

“Thank you for proving that a REAL girl has a real body”, pointed out a third. “You are perfect inside and out, bless you,” someone else greeted. Also, many people have expressed their love and admiration for how he handled the situation.

Coti regretted his pet’s death and filed a complaint

Hours before commenting on her body, Coti shared on her Instagram account, where she has more than 2.3 million followers, what had happened to her puppy. “My mom just texted me because my puppy died and I haven’t seen him in a long time, but it affected me more than I thought”.

Coti fired his dog, which was run over and abandoned.  instagram

Coti fired his dog, which was run over and abandoned. instagram

But he also made a complaint and critique of how the motorist who ran over him left him abandoned. “They hit him and left him to die and walked away, can you be that stupid?” asked Cone’s girlfriend.

After Cotti He shared a collage with several pictures of his pet with a tender farewell: “You’re gone, my beautiful puppy…”, she wrote alongside the pictures.

As in the beginning he had asked his fans to leave messages of encouragement because he was feeling sad, the Corrientes woman after He uploaded a video thanking the gesture of many of his followers.

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful messages it is a very difficult situation and that the whole family is having a really bad time because they watched him die and I think that was the worst thing of all,” she said.

“He is a puppy that we have had for a long time and he has welcomed us in a wonderful way. But he always Let’s say that when something like this happens to puppies, they save us from something. We’ve had a collision with another of our dogs before and it hurt a lot, but this was much worse due to the circumstances,” he added.

“I think that in these situations you notice the people next to you that you don’t notice in another moment. Because in good times they are always there but in bad times you say… crazy, The love and support I have is unconditional. And I swear I can’t find a way to thank them for everything they’re doing for me,” she enthused.

“I still cannot understand the love and understanding you have for me. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and you don’t know how good and happy you make me. I also thank God for allowing me to experience all these beautiful things. And next to Alexis, who is a beautiful person and who supports me a lot,” he continued.

“I want to tell you when I can, after my birthday I want to have a meeting with you and meet them all. I have nothing more to tell you, but honestly they fill my heart, ”she said goodbye.

Source: Clarin

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