“Be very careful”: she posed as Juliet of Big Brother and implemented a particular scam

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Juliet Poggioparticipant in the latest edition of Big Brother who had remained in third place, has turned to his in the last few hours social networks to notify all your followers of a particular fraud they made in his name: a fake exchange. “Please be very careful!” she asked her fans.

In detail, the young model and actress, who at home has gathered followers everywhere and today surpasses two million followers only in your account instagramshe turned to the enormous support she has on the networks to ask for a favor and protect those who follow her.

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“Warning! 11 6132 6146 This number, which is my former number, was hacked while I was at home”began by saying the finalist of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro, won by Marcos Ginocchio di Salta.

And I add: “The hacker just scammed a brand! Please be very careful! The only way to fix it is by reporting the number. I would really appreciate it!”

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Julieta Poggio warned her fans about a scam they did in her name.

Julieta Poggio warned her fans about a scam they did in her name.

As well as writing that message on a picture of her that she uploaded to her stories of instagramthe young model shared a selfie and thanked all the affection received and expressed her wish to be able to meet those who supported her during the game.

“Hi everyone! Today was a great day. Thank you for all the love, videos and edits you send me. Without you I would be nothing! I love them and I hope to be able to meet everyone who has always bet on me”he opened his heart.

Julieta Poggio wants to meet all those who "l

Julieta Poggio wants to meet all those who “have always staked her”.

Camila from ‘Big Brother’ was also a victim of fraud

Camilla Lactantiusthe participant of Big Brother entered in mid-December as one of the new participants in the repechage, he was scammed the release of his new songand approached his social networks a video asking for help from its followers.

“Guys, I need your help. The truth is that someone, I don’t know who, uploaded my song to Spotify posing as me. the theme of lonely aloneas if you uploaded it. And I need to know who she is, ”the young woman began in her defense pianist and singer 21 years since Ituzaingó.

And she continued, visibly distressed: “They see me killed because I was kinda sad and now I find out and it’s like ‘what the hell?'”

Camila Lattanzio was saddened by a scam suffered in her career as a singer-songwriter.

Camila Lattanzio was saddened by a scam suffered in her career as a singer-songwriter.

“I need you to tell me, please. I don’t know if someone is reported or if I should report the page. I need you to tell me who he is so I can contact him because it’s illegal,” he added in another section of the video he shared on his networks.

And he concluded: “I ask all the people (people) that if they come to see my theme in Spotify please report it because it’s not me.”

Also, in an Instagram Story where she shared a photo of her crying, she added: “I’m sad and need your nice comments to upload. Thank you for your support always in my heart”.

Source: Clarin

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