Action comedy Mystery on the Bounty 2, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, breaks records on Netflix

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Having Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in itself is good bait for public fishing. Netflix people know this very well, as in 2019, mystery on board (the first), the duo had already given the platform a real bomb of views.

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For something they have repeated the formula, which entered their grid last March 31 with the premiere of Mystery on board 2 (Murder mystery 2). And this time they beat their own record: in the first three days of availability, the film was successful Netflix’s second-biggest opening weekend for a comedy film with over 42 million views.

The sequel with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston got a total of 64.42 million hours viewed during the March 27 to April 2 viewing window and also appeared in the Top 10 in 91 countries. The first part, mystery on board it also joined the list of film titles in second place with 24.7 million hours viewed.

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"Mystery Aboard 2": Aniston and Sandler during a break in filming.

“Mystery Aboard 2”: Aniston and Sandler during a break in filming.

As for British television, The night agent it continued to stay ahead of the competition by holding the top spot for the second week. In your first 11 days of availability, the series was watched for 216.39 million hoursbringing the action thriller to 385 million total hours watched in its first two weeks and now has over 47 million views.

It’s worth clarifying that Netflix calculates total views by taking the total hours watched and dividing it by the hours the program ran, which was 8.2 hours in this case. The platform also recently renewed the series for a second season.

Love is blind

The fourth season of Love is blind it logged 47.64 million hours watched. The show is sure to remain in the top 10 titles for the next few weeks, especially considering that Netflix has announced that the series will be getting a live-action special. The bout will be broadcast from Los Angeles on April 16.

So the people of the NO. red repeat experience. He’s already tried this type of dating with Chris’ stand-up special (I was impressed by Will Smith) Rock Selective outrage by Chris Rock. The special eventually landed in Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart at number 8 in the UK titles chart. with 17.79 million hours viewed after nine days of availability.

shadow and bone

After last week’s strong performance at number 2, the second season of shadow and bone it dropped to third place in its third week on the charts with 27 million hours watcheda significant drop from the previous week’s figure of 55.03 million.

It arrives two places before season 4 of Youwhich he got 18.22 million hours viewed in its seventh week on Netflix’s Hot Titles list. The crime thriller climbed back to No. 1 during its March 6-12 viewing window after the second half of its latest installment opened on March 9.

For his part, Unseen, Emergency: NYC, Wellmania AND unstable they entered the list as newcomers this week in fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth place respectively. Invisible is a South African television thriller, which joined the streamer on March 29 and has amassed 24.32 million hours watched in its first five days of availability.

The series follows a cleaning lady desperately searching for her husband as a feared crime syndicate unearths past tragedies, ultimately leading to violence.

Emergency: New York, a docuseries that follows New York City’s frontline medical professionals as they balance work and personal life, reached 18.17 million hours watched after its March 22 release date. Right away, Wellmaniaan Australian selection from creators Brigid Delaney and Benjamin Law, it amassed 14.46 million hours watched in its first five days of broadcasting.

Source: Clarin

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