Why are open newscasts among the most watched on any channel?

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Paints tempting, to open this note, the categorical phrase of “facts kill fiction”. Or, plan B, that “reality kills reality”. Neither applies this time: the first, because at the moment there are no dramas and, the second, because Big Brother and his genre cousins ​​have become post-pandemic stars. But, that the forest does not cover the tree: the news does not come down from the daily podium of open TV.

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Of the seven signs, six have informative formats in different time slots. And in the top three positions of each there are at least one or two newscasts.

It’s not like they’ve always been at the bottom of the league, far from it. But what has become a trend is that, according to Kantar Ibope Media’s spreadsheets, all channels have one of the three most viewed, with average ratings above the average of that signal.

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Nelson Castro and Dominique Metzger, the new couple of hosts of "Telenoche".  Catch TV.

Nelson Castro and Dominique Metzger, the new couple of hosts of “Telenoche”. Catch TV.

Throughout the 72-year history of Argentine TV, there has never been a shortage of news –from the seed of lightning to the sky itself– in the programming grids. One could say that it always has been the key leg of the bad call boba box.

And there were emblematic titles, such as the TV news of Channel 7 in 1954, or The Esso Reporter of Teleonce in ’63, or the telenoche which debuted in ’66 on the old Channel 13, or the novedaily since the 80s. The list could be longer. But let’s go back to the focus of the 2023 news.

Beyond the good numbers they collect (each according to the temperature of each channel), there’s a clear evolution of the genre: it’s no more than two people behind a desk with a fern and a list of news sheets.

There are sections, there are a variety of spaces -living rooms, kitchens, corners that invite half-tone conversation-, they are there an interesting balance between harsh reality and certain soft notesthose that allow us to immerse ourselves in other areas just as journalistic as the current ones, but in a context of cruising speed.

Rodolfo Barili and Cristina Pérez, a duo with good chemistry.

Rodolfo Barili and Cristina Pérez, a duo with good chemistry.

And it’s not that they now shine for lack of fiction: there is, despite the abundance of information in all its forms (including social mediaclear), the need to understand in which country you live, at least with one hour a day.

The most recent evaluation

Taking the form of this Wednesday 5, which indicates Tuesday 4’s vote, on the general podium of the day, two newscasts share the third stepand from the same channel: the ranking headed by masterchef (with 13.6) and followed by Swamp (with 12.9), It is completed with El notiero de la gente (goes at 1 pm) and Telefe noticias (at 8 pm)both with 11.5 points.

Already further down the charts, but well placed in the grid of his channel, Telenoche – with the brand new duo he composes Nelson Castro and Dominique Metzger– was second, with 5.8. In Elnina, TV 9 at noon with 4.1 (his highest score so far this year) and Central 9 TVswith 3, second and third place.

American newswith an average of 3, he finished second for his channel and, on the status screen, Public newscasts With several he shared the third step of the podium, with 0.4. Something similar happened to reprofileon Net TV, sharing third place with television editingalso with sign 0.4.

The leader: Telefe news

One of the most solid – and the most viewed on a daily basis – is TV newswith Rodolfo Barili and Cristina Perez. One of its most profitable keys goes through the fixed special relationshipsAS “Meet you”, “I have lived”, “Heirs”, “Professions”, “Road to go” OR “Signs”. And for solvency in driving.

"Heirs", one of the segments pointing to life stories.

“Heirs”, one of the segments pointing to life stories.

The channel’s four newscasts feature varied and thematic sets: good phone manages eight spaces, The news of the people has four, in TV news there are ten of them, and inside news staffThree.

In March, the monthly average of each newscast positioned above with 9.91followed by The news of the people with 9.36, news staff with 8.19 e good phone with 3.15.

The Historian: Telenoche

El Trece’s central newscast was, in February and March, the channel’s second most watched programbehind The 8 steps of the million. And in third place there was noon news.

According to audience analysis, since the last week of March there is a slight increase in the general averagecompared to the previous directors (Diego Leuco and Luciana Geuna).

And, according to the follow-up that the production does towards its audience, “we warn that the program It’s adding audiences as the minutes go by, which it hasn’t done in the last year“.

According to these times, even the news was changing its formula: About 30 percent of its content is devoted to entertainment, technology, weather phenomena and various color approaches, with more relaxed notes.

As for the special reports -fundamental piece of the new telenoche– stands out: in your shoesby Daniel Malnatti (stories of ordinary people who survived the crisis) o C indexwith Martín Ciccioli, who offers different tours of the suburbs.

The first "Telenoche": Andrés Percivale, Tomás Eloy Martínez and Mónica Mihanovih (later Cahen D

The first “Telenoche”: Andrés Percivale, Tomás Eloy Martínez and Mónica Mihanovih (later Cahen D’Anvers (1966). Courtesy of Fundación TEM

The channel opens its factsheet with Argentinian topthen continue with noon newswhere there is space and time for sectionsAS Argentina, mission impossible by Frederick Seeber, What happens in the corner of your house (a turn of the hand by Luis Otero) or things of the peoplewith Naza Di Serio, a segment on viral hits, proposing a relaxed time.

The thematic closing of the day is edited by In summarya sort of summary of the day’s news that lowers the blind.

As for the scenes, Telenoche assigns its first 20 minutes to the presentpresented by the two conductors from the chair, e then the doors of the “living room” and the “table of situations” open., where notes that require support from graphics or statistics are treated. Forks from where the whole team greetswith a delivery of news.

Times have changed, so has the behavior of spectators, the stream made public, news signals are calling loudly from the cable, but the traditional way of getting information at the appointed time with the voices and faces that are chosen does not give up. It’s more, he upgrades and receives a medal on the podium. And in an election year, plus, he knows how to fight.

Source: Clarin

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