Pamela David broke down when she remembered her brother’s death

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In the middle of the countdown to the return of American breakfast (America, Monday to Friday at 10am) Pamela David visited panache angel In THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 20:00) where he covered various current issues. But she also had time reviewing his brother’s tragic death in the midst of a pandemic.

“Very recently your brother died and you have made a very interesting download at the moment. It happens to many families and drugs kill,” the driver told him.

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“Yes, drugs kill. I’ve gotten fits and they told me I was a face for it. And it wasn’t just my family, but the number of people who continue to go through this problem. And goes hand in hand with crime. The moment we said it Breakfast it was a scandal to associate with it. They told us there was no stigma,” Pamela recalled.

Pamela David returns next Monday with "American Breakfast".  Television capture

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Pamela David returns next Monday with “American Breakfast”. Television capture

“Today it is horrible to have been right, because I wish I hadn’t. I have been wrong many times in many things. But only with this I have not been wrong. Today’s problems go around and I have to get out of the rut the number of cases of insecurity that there are. It all has to do with drug trafficking. The drug destroys the addict’s life and his entire environment,” she added, visibly moved.

“As a host or communicator I feel like I could give another message. It happens Gaston Pauls in a spectacular program, but he got away with it and his message is very valuable. Until now I could never go to his show”he acknowledged.

“I have to go for a ride because I want to be prepared and be strong. But today I can’t do it. How do I tell someone they can get out of it. I’ll work on it because I have it pending,” Pamela asked.

“I won’t talk about myself, because I’m like the face of the media. But there are many excuses in the media and it is like the rare that does not consume. I’m a 100% mask, as they say. It doesn’t seem bad for me,” the driver analyzed.

Pamela also expressed her opinion on the subject of Jey Mammón

Consulted in the matter of jey mammonPamela preferred to refer first to the young complainant, Luke Welcome. “First I will say what is happening to me with Lucas. I’d like to interview him because I think he has a lot to give. This isn’t against Jey, but he was able to speak up and is a resilient person today who has been through hell and still managed to be strong and firm with his life.”

Pamela David visited the

Pamela David visited the “LAM” apartment and spoke about some highly topical issues. Television capture

“He speaks very clearly and allows many who are older today but who have suffered abuse as minors, that many have experienced it and can talk about it because it marks a before and after with his testimony. I believe Lucas. I have no doubts. And regardless of whether it is prescribed in court what is clear is that psychologically for the victim it does not prescribe and the pain never ends“, analyzed the wife of Daniel Villa.

Lucas touches me, it hurts me. I think all of us who have heard him can’t help but imagine him, at the age of four, going through the hell he says he went through,” he added.

Jey Mammón later commented: “Beyond Jey saying he’s experienced a bond and if he’s experienced a romance and taking into account age, it’s an uneven story of someone 32 with 16. And it’s not the same story Lucas experienced as a teenager versus what Jey experienced as an adult. E no matter how much he says he’s been through a romance, that doesn’t mean it’s not a crime“, he ruled.

Source: Clarin

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