Ricky Sarkany’s raw story about his daughter’s death: what his last moments were like and what he asked his friends

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In an interview with the cycle black boxled by Julio Leiva Per Filo News, designer Ricky Sarkany opened up and spoke like never before about the loss of eldest daughter Sofía, who died of uterine cancer in March 2021.

“What lesson did he teach you?”, Leiva asked Sarkany referring to the death of her eldest daughter. “I have two ways of looking at it,” explained the businessman.

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And he mentions both visions of that painful event: “The first is asking myself why, what barbarity, to die at 31, so young. The other is that I’ve had the privilege of sharing 31 years with her.”


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The interview with Ricky Sarkany in “Caja Negra”. Catch TV.

So, the designer relied on the latter option: “I was lucky to be able to learn so much with her and have enjoyed; she was the first person who made us feel like family, because until then we were husband and wife; She was the first person, after my wife, that I fell in love with”.

Of the passion they shared, Ricky spoke of Sofía, with whom he worked: “I was able to live with her because He loved, just like me, everything that has to do with fashion, with creativity, with expression”.

“She always said: ‘You have to make the best work of art with life'”, the father remembered his daughter’s teachings. “She also said: ‘I had many dreams, but I preferred not to have expectations’ and she left me an immense lesson, because she laughed until the end”.

Speaking of the last few days the designer spent in a clinic in Florida, USA, Sarkany recalled: “When they took her to be tested, the cry was heard: ‘Dad, don’t cry’ or I would call my friends and tell them, ‘Take care of my father.

It must be remembered that Sofia died a week after becoming a mother through a surrogate mother. In this regard, his father revealed: “He had a dream of having a son, Felix was born 5 days before he died. He could have had him on top of him, he could have had contact.”

Sofía Sarkany, her husband Tomás Allende and their son Félix.

Sofía Sarkany, her husband Tomás Allende and their son Félix.

Meanwhile, approx how were your last hoursthe shoe designer said: “When she was intubated, they ask us to say goodbye, but Clara, Josefina and Violeta (Sofía’s sisters) and her husband Tomi come back to be with her”.

Ricky Sarkany's four daughters: Sofía, Clara, Josefina and Violeta.

Ricky Sarkany’s four daughters: Sofía, Clara, Josefina and Violeta.

“He was losing his pulse, They put music on him, they pampered him, and the nurse comes and tells them, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep going because the pulse is normal,” Ricky said about Sofia’s death.

So the businessman remembered how her children gave her the news of Sofía’s death: “Then the four of them came out, I asked them what had happened and they only said that ‘it was wonderful’, I don’t know how to find something beautiful in what happened.”

Sarkany during his profound story in "Black Box".  Catch TV.

Sarkany during his profound story in “Black Box”. Catch TV.

It is a tremendous and heartbreaking feeling and the challenge is to transform the most terrible pain that a person can suffer into the most beautiful memory”, recalled the interviewee about the teaching that the loss of his daughter left him.

Additionally, Sarkany opened up about how his life has changed and revealed that he even contemplated committing suicide: “I spent a month without leaving the apartment in Miami. I felt that the easiest way to relieve the tremendous pain was to jump off the balcony. I would never do that, but the pain is so great that you want to appease yourself in a certain sense”.

Ricky Sarkany’s meeting with Gustavo Yankelevich, in full mourning

After providing details of his daughter’s death, Ricky Sarkany said an unpublished story about those painful days of mourning in Miami: “One day the guys ask me to take a walk, we go down the stairs, I put on my mask (it was the height of the Covid pandemic), a cap, I walk about 20 meters and meeting Gustavo Yankelevich, He greeted me and said: ‘I have to talk to you'”

About that chance encounter with him producer, who also suffered the loss of his daughter Romina Yan, Sarkany said: “He told me in total confidentiality about certain things that happened and that’s when I began to understand that nothing breaks, everything transforms.”

Gustavo Yankelevich with his daughter Romina Yan.

Gustavo Yankelevich with his daughter Romina Yan.

In turn, the interviewee also mentioned his other daughters, Josefina, Clara and Violeta, as the people who helped him out of that difficult moment: “The girls made me realize that it was a privilege to live with Sofía.”

And he remembered her tenderly: «How do you measure life: in days, in years, in months, in laughter? If we measure it in moments of emotion and fun, Sofía was a millionaire.”

Obviously missing being able to hug and kiss her, but I also feel that it is in my heart. The rest of my life is a permanent tribute to her teachings, to her laughter, to her legacy,” the businessman described the way he remembers Sofía.

From How was the return to Argentina, after his daughter’s death, Ricky recalled, “When we got back here, he had little pieces of paper all over the girls (his other daughters) … Now to move on to the one thing that has always transmitted to us, which is to smile“.

Source: Clarin

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