Jey Mammón’s last interview before leaving Argentina: “I have to get away from this hell”

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Hours before leaving Argentina and leaving for Spain, Jey Mammón recorded an interview with Ulises Jaitt, who he has now met.

It is, as he explained, the last note that Jey will provide long after taking his leave, talking first with Jorge Rial and then with Baby Etchecopar, of the denunciation made against him by Lucas Benvenuto, who accuses him of sexual abuse on minors.

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After some anticipations, Ulises, brother of the deceased media, became known Natacha Jaittwith whom Jey had a great friendship, he posted the full heads-up on his social networks.

At the beginning of the speech, Jey explained why she made the decision to speak publicly, after remaining silent for the first few days after Lucas’ complaint: “I needed to give the notes to tell the truth, not my truth. The first few days, I was downcast from hearing so many things that are not true. And once I was able to get up I had to say it.”

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Jey Mammón in the interview with Ulises Jaitt.  Capture videos.

Jey Mammón in the interview with Ulises Jaitt. Capture videos.

“I heard that I was about to throw myself off the balcony. But I’m far from it, there are people who contain me and I’m with a psychologist”said the now former host of Rock of Morphi (Telephone).

“Some media have made an attempt at absolute social condemnation. Since I consider the truth that I have to be absolute, I understand that The power of truth is always stronger than what can happen around it”continued Jey, once again expressing his unease at why the matter is being covered in the media.

Then, the comedian and the driver referred to Lucas’ complaint and He said it’s a “lie”. “The false report … I have the opportunity to prove that I know him at 16 at a party. It was April 2009”, she said, reiterating that that evening “I didn’t go with him”.

“There are people who bullied him, who destroyed him in his childhood. And it seems to certain media that they are not interested in communicating. I see my photo, my name and they talk about a network of traffickers, a pedophile, a pedophile, a monster… and no one bothers to talk about the people who ruined their lives,” added Jey, who acknowledged that “I made friends with a guy, who would have been 16, 17, all the way up to 25.”

“I never introduced him to my family, just like I never introduced him to a lot of other people I was with,” she clarified. On the link they maintained, she explained: “I saw him one day, then he would come back to the pasture after four months and tell me that his cell phone had been stolen. I was hooked.”

On Lucas’ audios going viral, he ventured, “Now I have to put my eggs on the table and say ‘yeah, he extorted me.’ If you listen to the audio you say ‘this is all engineered.’ to reach the On the other hand, it is broken. I understand your story. People who love me tell me ‘stop caring about him’. And it doesn’t work for me.”

“Why is he picking on you?” Ulises asked him later. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about and I have an answer to, but I don’t want to give it to you,” Jey replied, acknowledging that “The trial for slander and insults is within my reach. I will leave everything in the hands of my lawyers, but of course I will have the final say.”

Jey Mammón explained why he left Argentina and headed to Spain

“This is the last I’m going to say about it…it’s delicate again…I’m taking a few days because my head needs it. I’m leaving the country because I have to stop even listening to my friends tell me what they’re saying on TV.”Jey said in another section of the report that Jaitt has been sharing on his networks. “I need to get away from this hell, mental health is very important. I’m not running away either. I’m leaving because I need to feel calm, “added Jey, who assured that his journey is” open-ended “.

Jey Mammon: “I swear I’m innocent”

“He (for Lucas) says that at 14 there is an older person who dumps him, who appears in the lawsuit, because (for himself) ‘he likes kids’, which is absolutely unfortunate… I swear to God, to my father”Jey said.

“I swear I’m innocent by my mother, by my father’s memory, by God but for the memory of my father has more value because for me my father is everything... I can tell you ‘I swear to God’ and they’ll say ‘ah, the former catechist’, I swear by my father’s memory but there are people for whom what I say won’t be enough,” said the comedian and host.

Source: Clarin

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