Bitter defense of L-Gante against the politicians of Rosario who took the title of “Distinguished Visitor” from him

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After the news broke it the City Council of Rosario will remove the recognition of “Illustrious Visitor” from the city. which was granted to him two years ago, after the viralization of some audio in a friendly tone that he sent to inmates linked to the Los Monos criminal gang, L-Ghent has issued a harsh disclaimer on his Instagram account to give his version.

I was waiting for this moment and this resolution! Not for the importance of the news, but for the relevance of the message! For a few days, a WhatsApp audio has been circulating in the media where they say or perceive that it is me, that it is my voice that I send greetings to a person deprived of their freedom”, their letter begins.

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“I send you audio and video greeting hundreds of thousands of people, without exaggerating, and those who know me know it well, I have also sent many journalists who circulate it for children and relatives. My peculiarity is my vocal imprint, I would even say easy to imitate given the strong pronunciation in the low tonesjust as it is possible to imitate a voice like that of Vincentian, Shakira, Eros Ramazzotti, etc,” he continued.

L-Gante stated that these audios are not his, but rather mimic his voice.

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L-Gante stated that these audios are not his, but rather mimic his voice.

“What am I going to do with all this… THEY REMOVED THE TITLE OF ILLUSTRATED VISITOR TO ROSARIO for those false audios. I don’t mind the title. Yes, lies bother me. It’s not me, it’s not my way of speaking, the cadence, the words used by those who imitate my voice, have nothing to do with my way of expressing myself. Mimic my tone and my way of saying my slogan CUMBIA 420 PA LOS N3GR0S“, commented L-Ghent.

“Everyone wrote to me telling me to come out and clarify, did my network followers realize and a politician or journalist can’t tell the difference?“asked the Cumbia 420 singer.

“Beyond all this… I send a big hug to all friends, neighbors, people who listen or not to my music, cumbieros or other genres of Rosario. I already had the title of Distinguished Citizen a while ago for the love and resistance they always show me when I go, or through social networks,” said the Jamaican father.

I don’t need that title from some political leaders. As many have expressed, give it to a doctor, a scientist, a teacher,” he said.

What ROSARIO needs are DISTINCT LEADERS, do your job well, honor your oath. Give security and well-being to the citizen to the local neighbor and stop seeing which VISITOR distinguishes that after all we are Visitors, we go and go, but the Rosarinos remain in their beautiful city surrounded by politicians more false than the audio that goes turn around!» she moaned.

“Is there any ILLUSTRATED journalist or politician left who can DISCERN DISCERN?”he finally asked himself ironically, to close his long text.

Why did they give this recognition to L-Gante?

On September 30, 2021, it was sent out on commissions and was executed in a séance that took place at the Palacio Vasallo.

The project, which today takes on another relevance, was promoted for the first time by councilor Miguel Ángel Tessandori in November 2020 as there was a “technical error” in the distinction of the creator of Cumbia 420, since the awards conferred by the Municipality do not include the category of “Illustrious Visitor”.

In October 2021, L-Gante and his family visited Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yañez at Quinta de Olivos.  Photo: Presidency

In October 2021, L-Gante and his family visited Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yañez at Quinta de Olivos. Photo: Presidency

On that occasion Tessandori remarked: “Elevating or highlighting a person as an illustrious visitor, that is, for the mere fact of passing briefly through the city of Rosario fulfilling a commercial obligation, it is exaggerated“.

The commissioner, on the other hand, supported him nor would the interpreter be entitled to the distinction of “Illustrious Citizen”since it is aimed at individuals residing in Rosario and known for their work.

It is worth clarifying that in September 2021, when L-Gante stood out, 9 directors voted in favor of this recognition. Meanwhile, 7 voted against and 6 abstained. after a heated debate.

Source: Clarin

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