The new story of Marcelo Birmajer: No place is my home

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Ireneo Kublai bought the ticket for Chile by lightly pressing a key on his personal computer. He immediately reflected on his Mongolian ancestors: they had ridden around the world and conquered Asia.

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At this point in human history, your short plane ride was accomplished through a virtual transaction. Ireneo was born in Argentina, after a centuries-long trail that saw Chinese, Japanese and Korean relatives. His maternal grandmother and his mother were both Argentines. He was dedicated to selling backpacks and micro-enterprises.

Paradoxically, in recent years, he had mulled over a project like this tourists will travel without luggage. A company that would sort out the traveler’s clothing and gear, except a backpack.

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He hated packing, no matter how short the trip. He calculates the weather, clothing according to the days and commitments; pyjamas, walking and going out shoes. But no saving ideas came to his aid. Again, for your business trip to Chile, you should pack your suitcase.

According to family myth, the Mongol empire had fallen to a woman, the star-crossed love of the last Khan. But Kublai bet that his ancestor, the Khan, got tired of packing and unpacking every trip.

Even before their divorce, Ireneo Kublai had decreed it no place was home. He didn’t feel like the owner of the house he had bought because of his marital failure, nor of one of his two children – a woman and a man, already self-sufficient – nor of his new bachelor apartment. Nor the multiple hotels or apartments for temporary rent, on his business trip.

But that wasn’t exactly why he needed to find a solution to the hassle of carrying individual bags from one place to another on the planet. Even if it influenced

She suddenly made the decision to walk to the mall near the Aeroparque, buy her suitcase there, the few clothes she felt she needed, and walk the rest of the way to the Aeroparque, right then, thirty-six hours before his departure. . Then he would see how to get home, before the actual trip.

Somehow, it was an exercise that stimulated his imagination. How to solve traveller’s problems? How to get an individual on board without forcing yourself to pack and load a suitcase?

At the mall, she bought the right clothes. A couple of blocks from the Aeroparque he found a bar by the river and chose a soft chair. The young waitress kindly took care of him, but Ireneo Kublai discovered at the bar, behind the till, a beautiful woman between forty and fifty, with a hospitable and intelligent face, who captured her attention.

The idea flashed through her mind: the traveler without luggage was possible.

Unlike the joke about the khan’s boredom in assembling and disassembling his suitcase, the Emperor of the Mongols had never had to pack, Irenaeus told himself in that momentum of blissful inspiration: countless men and women supplied him.

A valet and transport to the departure location would be required; and the same in fate. The waiter – male or female without distinction – would have had access to the passenger’s home, twenty-four hours before the journey. Paperwork with the respective airports for check-in and baggage removal from the carousel were feasible chores.

The traveler would leave his home without luggage. Upon arrival at your temporary accommodation, your clothing and personal items would already be on display in the room; even on return.

A smile of relief replaced Irenaeus Kublai’s usually grim features. He didn’t want to shout good news or Eureka, because he looked ridiculous. Instead, he walked over to the box and she expressed to the charming 40-year-old:

– Miss, I want to hire you for a service for which I am obviously willing to pay. I’d like to leave this suitcase here until tomorrow. How much would you like to charge me to work as a locker?

The beautiful woman looked at him suspiciously at first, but then something in her face softened the rejection. Finally, she called an employee:-López, check this suitcase for me.

A muscular waiter, in his thirties, after a knowing glance with the woman, carried the suitcase to the kitchen. After a few moments of uncertainty, he returned with his suitcase closed and nodded to his employer.

The woman introduced herself, her name was Ofelia, and told him the price of that unexpected service. It was expensive, but affordable for Kublai. Ireneo accepted, paid on the spot and stayed at the bar until he had a free moment. When Ofelia closed the bar, they went out together and spent the night at Ireneo’s house.

In the afternoon of the following day, Kublai retrieved his suitcase from Ofelia’s bar – they greeted each other as two friends rather than two one-night stands – and walked towards the Aeroparque feeling a fullness he had never known before.

Shortly before boarding, the alarms sounded at the security post before immigration. They removed Ireneo from the queue and, in the interrogation room, informed him that he would remain under arrest for attempted drug dealing, in the false bottom of his suitcase.

for thousandths escaped prison sentence (although he spent two nights a prisoner); but he has lost a fortune, in lawyers and inducements to prove his innocence. He gave up the empire of travel without luggage even before he conquered it. Once again, the woman had defeated Kublai Khan.

Source: Clarin

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