Jimena Barón has released an album “against the tide”, with tribute to Los Piojos and two sold-out concerts

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The music industry has always had its formulas. In times of streaming, it seems that what is needed to achieve “success” are challenges, urban genre and short songs to rack up more views. Few are the brave who choose to express their art outside these needs. And judging by the brand new 12-song project he just released, Jimena Baron he is one of them.

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Four years after her latest album, the singer just showed up Bad bloodan album with an introspective journey towards his childhood, his relationships and his family. “This is an album of stories, soul and feelings” account in an exclusive chat with clarion.

Jmena has released "Bad Blood", her most personal album.

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Jmena has released “Bad Blood”, her most personal album.

Just like you did with the cobra in 2019, song that managed to make her an icon of female empowermentJmena uses her past wounds to compose the lyrics of this new project:

“I grew up as a woman. She had to mature in many ways for some songs to exist. In those four years I had to face many things”

“I knew I was going against the tide”

-Does the release of a record make you nervous after a long time?

-It doesn’t make me nervous because I feel I have escaped from a place that can generate a lot of anxiety, which is that of numbers and rankings. I was very clear that making the decision to do Bad blood I was completely off the formula for success.

The project is a visual album, consisting of 12 chapters, which work as one

The project is a visual album, made up of 12 chapters, which function as a “family constellation”.


-Because I knew what happened with him wasn’t going to happen the cobra. I was very confident in what we were doing, but I knew it was going against the grain. For example, releasing a 40-minute movie with all the songs, instead of all separate, and moving away from the genre that ranks best for you in the charts. I have very complex songs to push! There is one that starts as a tango, another a serenade and so on.

-And did it cost you that they supported you in this decision?

-A little, but I was sure of it. They told me, “Keep in mind that with a project like this, there are things that aren’t going to happen.” And I said we’re fine. I think it’s a record that carries over a message as a very personal truth, and I wanted to envelop the listener in a bigger work.

-Is that why you called it “Bad Blood”?

-I put it like this because it seems to me a somewhat Argentinian phrase, did you see? Like a country man; He reminds me of San Emilio, my grandmother’s house. Kind of old, kind of traditional line and I think it went well with the record. After the album it was a journey where we all had a lot of bad blood and things didn’t go at all the way we wanted and we got frustrated and fell behind. so too the album deserves to be called that because it wasn’t a pleasure to do it all the time.

-Now that you mention the phrase that is very Argentinian, there is also something very Creole in the sound of the album, right?

-Yes. This record was made entirely with criolla guitar, because with it I feel that the most important thing is what I’m saying and the notes; the text and the melody. The production was left for last. In fact, there was a trip to Miami that we took where I met other producers, where we went with criolla guitar.

Unlike previous experiences, we went to meet a producer and he had prepared a hitthen I saw what to say about hit What the producer did to me. But this time I brought with me Pedro Pasquale on Creole guitar and Mauro De Tomaso.

The 12 video clips were directed by Tom Abramzon and shot in San Emilio, the town where the artist keeps the happiest memories of his childhood.

The 12 video clips were directed by Tom Abramzon and shot in San Emilio, the town where the artist keeps the happiest memories of his childhood.

-And what was it like working with these Miami producers on a record that has references to Mercedes Sosa, Nino Bravo or Sandro?

It was a totally different experience. Sometimes I’ve been told here that we can do this or that. And I had to tell them this is not Argentinian. We wouldn’t say that. But the truth is that I also have to say that they were against the proposal. For example, Gold I did it with David Escobar of Piso 21. And when I met him I said to him: how do I explain to him that I want to talk about alfajor, school, weight? Fortunately we agreed that he too was feeling uprooted from his childhood and wishing we could connect from there.

The tribute to Los Piojos

In recent years the samples it has become increasingly common in popular music. This technique consists of taking elements from other themes to create new tracks based on existing ones. In What must last Jimena makes a sample of Summer of ’92, the legendary song of Los Piojos, adopted by thousands of graduates on their trips to Bariloche.

-How did Los Piojos come to your mind?

-The boys played the murga and I sang “oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” and I thought it was obvious, it’s a very Argentinian album. My references were Negra Sosa, Sandro, Calamaro and I thought it was nice to have that reference to Los Piojos. Then they told me “Oh, but they have to authorize us, it can be complicated”.

But did you insist?

-Yes. I told them to ask Los Piojos if we can wink here. Thank God they authorized us; I was with the candles saying “Ciro please” and they said yes and it was great.

After spending three years away from the stage, Jmena returns with everything in a new tour

After spending three years away from the stage, Jmena returns with everything in a new tour

His return to the stage

Like many artists, Jmena and her show have fallen victim to the pandemic. In 2020 the singer would have performed at Luna Park Stadium, after one of the most successful years of her career. After being postponed several times, the long-awaited ‘Cobra Tour’ had to be cancelled.

Three years later he returns to take his revenge. The “Bad Blood Tour” has, for now, dates in Rosario, Córdoba and Buenos Aires. The latter with two dates (one completely sold out) in progress 13 and 14 June at the Teatro Opera.

On the morning of the interview with Clarín, the event was positioned as a best seller on the Ticketek platform.

-Are you surprised by this welcome after a long time?

-I’m not surprised, but I started crying when I learned about the second date. Because at one point I was sure of what I was doing, but I wasn’t sure they wanted to hear it. Beyond a lot of faith and a good self-esteem and a lot of self-love, I didn’t know it. And when I heard about the second date I couldn’t believe it.


-Because I was proud to give you something that took a lot of work, that I was in no hurry and that I did with a lot of love and that makes me very proud to share my heart, my life and my stories with you. But I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen, then It’s a joy what’s happening with the tour.

-And for the hundreds of fans that will be there, what can you expect?

Oh, I’d love to see my show! It frustrates me a lot to have to do that. I traveled through many states to do this. I’m already training for a triathlon and the show is fantastic. The guys from Trans Música have arrived, they have a very high proposition but I think it’s worth it, so I’m very excited. Live music and composing are my areas of strength, where I stand up and say I’m going to blow everyone away, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Source: Clarin

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