Super Monday on open TV: fiction is back, prizes are growing, a footballer is cooking and the morning is renewed

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It won’t be another Monday on Argentine television: this April 10 will remain as the day the national narrative reappeared on the screen of El Trece after the withdrawal of the pandemic. And, almost like a domino effect, the arrival of Argentina, land of love and revenge 2 (at 10:15pm) invited cycles from that channel and other signals to move their chips. This is how the first real super Monday of the year was born.

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From the fateful March 20, 2020when did the compulsory quarantine for the coronavirus come into effect, national storytelling has retreated from the mainstream screen. We have seen fragments of what had already begun, has ceased to be produced directly, even if there have been some isolated attempts, such as the first of us (Telephone).

Now, El Trece has set a date for its first post-pandemic streak.

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Thus was born Argentina, land of love and revenge 2, the second season of the costume strip produced by Polka, it will be out this mondaywith a renewed cast, but taking up the course of the initial storyline.

The fictional families that shaped him in Phase One now sound like the characters’ ancestors. living at the turn of the 70s and 80s, a difficult moment in an Argentina that knows how to approach fiction well (for example, the film Argentina, 1985, by Santiago Mitre, which competed for a oscar).

This year the ATAV cast will be led by Federico D’Elía, Justina Bustos, Rafael Ferro, Federico Amador, Juan Gil Navarro, Gloria Carrá and Malena Soldaamong other actors.

Rafael Ferro has a key character in this story who travels to the not so distant past in Argentina.

Rafael Ferro has a key character in this story who travels to the not so distant past in Argentina.

Fiction moves reality… and reality

In this way, the grill early evening this Monday will be changed to El Trece: at 21:00 it will start The 8 steps of the millionthat from now Yes or yes, he will deliver three million pesos a day (Until last Friday the prize was two million).

your driver, Guido Kaczka, announced “more surprises for Monday”, such as a major change of scenery that will play a decisive role in the future of the general interest question-and-answer competition. Until now, the cycle produced by Kuarzo is usually the most watched of the channel commanded by Adrián Suar.

At 22.15 it will be the turn of ATAV and at 11.15 pm the Turkish telenovela will go Mother’s love.

The hotel closes, the dance floor opens

This April 10, in the afternoon, the closing of the season The hotel of the famous 2, whose last broadcast will start at 18.30. AND, from Tuesday that space will be occupied by the third season of Canta con conmigo ahora.

The singing reality that last year led Marcello Tinelli inside early evening of the thirteen It had two uncut seasons and didn’t do well in terms of ratings.. And the cycle officiated Tinelli’s farewell from that screen, since last week is the new artistic director of Americachannel in which it will also lead its flagship, the Dance.

Manuel Wirzt will occupy the place previously occupied by Marcelo Tinelli in front of "Sing with me now".

Manuel Wirzt will occupy the place previously occupied by Marcelo Tinelli in front of “Sing with me now”.

Starting Tuesday, the music cycle will not only leave the more competitive slot to settle in the late afternoon, but also it will be commanded by the musician Manuel Wirzt. Yes will continue to rely on the general production of LaFliaTinelli’s company.

The structure of the cycle will be similar, with competition between singers, also supported by their life storiesjudged by a gallery of musicians and other types of artists.

The morning of America and the night of Telefe

Also this Monday morning you will see the return of Pamela David with her American Breakfast, for America. It will have new speakers and will occupy the space it had up to now It’s over there. It will run from Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 13.

In this return, Pamela will have an eclectic team of speakers and entertainers: Paulo Vilouta, Carlos Monti, Gustavo Grabia, Luisa Albinoni, Julieta Navarro, Natalie Weber, Locho Loccisano AND Khaled Hallar. Unlike the previous phase, this year’s cycle will have a strong political component, taking advantage of the election year.

And, at night, without the need to make any programming changes, Telefe has decided to face the return of fiction by inviting the footballer Mauro Icardi at MasterChef (10.30 pm) as an innards specialist.

Source: Clarin

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