Pamela David tries not to widen the crack and says “not even the madman” would leave the country

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“No kisses?”affirmations Pamela David waiting for a reciprocal gesture from the other end. The driver, who this Monday 10, at 10:30, returns with American breakfast in the mornings of America, it is educate to his Australian Shepherd. A trained puppy (Redlike wine) that will accompany you in the morning magazine and from December gave her the title of grandmother.

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“I’m like anyone who has nowhere to leave the dog and takes it to work. And if he also acts like a barbarian on the show, why not have him. Until now, he fell asleep during rehearsals”, she comments as she maneuvers the paired photos with total command of her heels.

“People asked American breakfast, not for me. Because the protagonist is the program”, clarifies David, who on his return as captain, after a year and months of television detox, renewed personnel and scenery go back minute by minute.

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Pamela doesn’t feign enthusiasm. Her return to her television home is like this: with a contained desire to return to the air, but with no intention of giving herself away. “The limit will be lack of respect”, anticipates the cycle – already the flagship of the channel from 2011 to 2017 – which will maintain the original essence of the magazine.

-Format rested a lot. You too?

-I did it Pamela in the afternoon until 2019. American breakfast That was fine, but management needed an afternoon review by then. It was different because at that moment the audience wanted more show and it’s tough. I I didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

Pamela and Tinto, her Australian Shepherd, who will accompany her on the canal.  German photo Garcia Adrasti.

Pamela and Tinto, her Australian Shepherd, who will accompany her on the canal. German photo Garcia Adrasti.

-And you promised not to resume television at any cost. Have you set the conditions for this round?

-No, I worked a lot on myself. It was hard for me to be so aware of what you generate in the other, because you can influence families if you get into private matters.

“I am determined to ride, but the limit is the lack of respect. I don’t know if it’s a condition, but it’s the mystique of Breakfastwhich has never been an aggressive or harsh program,” he clarifies.

But it’s still an election year…

-It is true and we will be careful. Carefully and checking the information why there is a lot of operetta from all places. The idea is to be the voice of the people.

-You have always identified with a committed guide and opinion, you are not a friend of heat.

-No and it gives me a headache. Always, on both sides. They hit me from both sides. Now there are three. But we all have to work hard. I will try not to generate more crack, if possible. I also feel that at some point it has to change. It has nothing to do with a government, it has to do with all of history and something cultural as well.

-Have you stopped fantasizing about going into politics?

-I think politics is beautiful, it grabs me, it amuses me, but I wouldn’t do it. I could not dedicate myself with the commitment it deserves. I’m just freeing myself up to make a program and it gives me peace of mind to have journalists like Paulo Vilouta and Gustavo Grabia. There are also Carlos Monti, Luisa Albinoni, Locho Loccisano, Julieta Navarro and Natalie Weber, who, poor thing, appeared on the news saying: “I want to leave the country”But they took it out of context.

-Have you ever thought about it?

– Go away? I’m the one who never wanted to leave from all my family. I said yes in a note with Luis Novaresio, because sometimes you relax with friendsbut I made a joke.

-Would your family leave?

-It’s been years that if it’s my husband’s fault and my children… they talk about it. I told him: “Go away, I’ll come and see you”. I don’t know if they are serious, but the topic is thrown on the table and I’m the only one to argue that I’m not even crazy.

Down the Street: Pamela walked the streets of Palermo with her pet for the production of Clarín.  German photo Garcia Adrastri.

Down the Street: Pamela walked the streets of Palermo with her pet for the production of Clarín. German photo Garcia Adrastri.

A few hours after returning, David assigns part of his comeback to a revelatory acting class. “Last year I studied with Emilia Mazer and, in between roles, I had to play a presenter. She told me: ‘This is what you must do!’ And I felt it with love. I’m happy to be back as I feel older, with more time. In fact, now I have a guest and I look at the natal chart from above”, he admits.

-Are you still passionate about astrology?

-Super hooked. He tells you a lot about people. In rehearsals we had Scorpio Diego Ramos.

-Did you find interesting answers in your letter?

-Yes, I see why am i so cranky in situations. Many things closed for me. I started with my children, studying their letters. I miss Daniel (Vila, her husband), I haven’t done it yet because I think I will have homework there …

Pamela on Tinelli

Pamela on Tinelli’s landing in America: “He starts his program and reopens the market, everything is activated”. German photo Garcia Adrasti.

-What do you think of the landing of Marcelo Tinelli, in his double capacity as conductor and artistic director of America?

-I admire him a lot. Always begins its program and reopens the market, everything is activated. The channel was fine, but the fact that Marcelo is joining is super encouraging. And that he has something to do with art adds to it all. It’s another aspect, it’s fresh.

-How do you imagine that screen? More Tinellista or following the traditional channel line?

-America has its own living identity, and when something happens, everyone comes to sail. Marcelo does it a bit even on the round trip with the participants. We will communicate very well, it’s not one thing or the other. And here we will wait to bounce, because In the morning I will receive what happens at night former.

– Aren’t you afraid that your breakfasts will turn into a satellite program of Dancing?

-No, it will have its own satellite programs. We will shrink at some point, but this has already been discussed. Today we are from 10.30 to 13, because it is extended.

-You were one of those who inaugurated the historic first piece of Dancing…

-Oh yes. Bad my art…

– Is it true that you were waiting?

Dance? No, I neither dare nor could I do it again. I’m coming down, lady!

-I was going to say “learn to dance”.

– I took lessons, but I’m made of wood. I have slats on my sides. Yes, at 40 something I became friends with this sport and today I paddle and train every day. But I think I’ll learn to cook before dancingwhich is a lot, because I’m bad at cooking.

-What is causing you the massive return of reality shows? Did you follow “Big Brother”?

-No, I’ve seen the nets. But if there are reality shows, it’s because there is an audience that consumes them. My mother didn’t stop talking about Big Brother. and said: “I’m happy because I don’t find out anything and the news makes me sick”.

-You had your springboard when you were in “El bar” (2001). Do you foresee the television future of Marcos, Julieta and Nacho, the three finalists? Can you imagine them driving a morning magazine?

Pamela David rose to fame after her stint on the reality show

Pamela David rose to fame after her stint on the reality show ‘El bar’.

-To “Juli”, yes. I like when they interview her and what she says. It looks fresh to me.

-What analysis do you make of a television in which the new faces stand out more than the traditional ones?

-I hadn’t noticed. But the streamers, for example, which are another platform, they are writers of what they do. My children consume it and disassemble me. He was talking to Guillermina (Valdes)I find her at school because my daughter Lola and Lolo go to the same school, and she tells me how she learns from them.

“I try not to ask Daniel because it’s embarrassing”

-Resuming your return to the channel, if you have a complaint, do you make it to your husband (Daniel Vila, owner of América) or is there an intermediary?

No, we all know each other. I know the channel people before I met Daniel. And it’s always the same people, I have everyone’s phone number. I think it’s appropriate and gives me more peace of mind to go directly with people. It depends on the problem I have to complain about. But honestly, I try not to complain.

– Don’t you negotiate anything with him? Don’t they talk about contracts, about numbers?

-NO. Yes, I’ll tell you what: I try not to ask Daniel because it’s embarrassing. He tells me: “You ask me and then you do the opposite”. Unless I really have a lot of doubts, I ask him, but warning that later I will do what I deem appropriate.

-Did you come to feel like the First Lady of America?

-NO… It’s a chicana that has hurt me for many years and then, when you realize they’re going to keep saying it and there’s nothing you can do, I relax. In fact, they are many shareholders. (Series) Me too I am one of the wives of the shareholder group.

Does this bring you more headaches than benefits?

Not so much, I’m not complaining. Because I have a partner who accompanies me and is happy with my successes. The one who hasn’t lived it with his partner, what a pity. I wish they all had it. And if I didn’t have a job, they’d say: “Not even her husband hires her”.

-At one point it was pointed out that you take more days off.

-The question is, is it my fault to travel? If I took them it’s because I wanted to and could. If I don’t take them this year (holidays) it’s because I don’t want them. This time, after Easter, my family finished their holidays. But they will always talk: “Don’t take them so they don’t say…”.

Are you an easy target?

-Capable before yes and it hurt me, because I’ve been working since I was little and it’s like my past has been erased. There is no more file. There is no boating. I was extra, clapper… I experienced it when I was driving The wheel of your dreams and had clappers. And to think I signed the form! TO castineras I knew them all. I went with the bag and change and the book.

-Rediscovering yourself by driving the engine of this tour or has motherhood also asked you for air?

-What you say is real, but in reverse. Because my children have grown up and this summer I finished convincing myself. Felipe, 16, is already living her life and Lola, 10, is very independent. She has her gymnastics, her soccer, her sleepovers. It was very difficult for me Pamela in the afternoon missing Lola’s shows at school, who later claimed me. Today they are even glad that I am leaving. But the grandmother brings the grandson!

-You have come from several slaps, such as the death of your brother, who did not find out who was dad. How much has being an aunt changed you, with all that it represents?

-I’m not having as much fun as I would like, because he lives in Santiago del Estero. When I go I see him and he’s grown a lot, he’s 2 and he looks like he’s 5. But I don’t have that day to day. I find out from mom’s photos and videos, but it’s not the same thing.

Source: Clarin

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