Metropolitan singer Kaleb Di Masi collided with a patrol car and was miraculously saved: “I have 40 stitches in my face and a broken nose”

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Urban music singer RKT, Kaleb Dimasi, was involved in a serious accident on the Autopista del Oeste when his Chevrolet Camaro collided with a patrol car. Due to his injuries, he had to undergo emergency surgery. “I got out alive by a miracle”he recounted on Instagram.

The accident occurred last weekend on the highway, in the direction of Luján. According to initial reports, his vehicle collided from behind to a patrol car driving on the highway. Another car was also involved.

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Authorities are now investigating if they were running haywire or in what situation the accident occurred. The first thing that emerges is that the musician’s car was on its way high speed.

The photo that Di Masi uploaded to his social networks after the accident.

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The photo that Di Masi uploaded to his social networks after the accident.

“Good morning my people. As many already know, I had an accident from which I miraculously came out alive. Thank God that he gave me one more chance,” wrote the cumbia 420 singer and friend of the late El Noba, on his Account Instagram.

There he also said that he had “an operation” and that he is already “stable with 40 points on face and split nose“. He also said that he is hospitalized in the Modelo de Morón clinic.

So remained the Camaro that Masi's Kaleb drove.

So remained the Camaro that Masi’s Kaleb drove.

“I ask you to rest assured that the worst that could have happened did not happen,” he remarked. And having said that the seat belt was what saved him: “I ask you to take care of yourself and take it as an example to walk more confidently”.

The police car hit by Kaleb di Masi's Camaro.

The police car hit by Kaleb di Masi’s Camaro.

Di Masi, back on stage and not for his music

Kaleb Di Masi had been the protagonist of an event in July last year that had put him at the center of controversy. At that time, he was arrested in the city of Lanús in Buenos Aires with 34 grams of marijuana in his vehicle, for which he was detained for several hours.

The event occurred hours after the artist gave a show at Club Leloir and drove home with three other people.

On the way he was delayed by a police check where troops found drugs.

Kaleb di Masi's message on Instagram.

Kaleb di Masi’s message on Instagram.

“People in the media started saying I was trans, which I thought was very disastrous, stupid, because I don’t need to be trans, I can support myself on my music, I’m not a millionaire but I’m fine,” it was later downloaded after several days of silence.

And he apologized to his followers: “I’m not happy with what happened. I will continue to make music, louder than ever so nothing, I calculate that this Friday I will bring up a topic because I had that in mind . And rest assured that I am not more in prison”.

Who is Kaleb Di Masi?

Kaleb Di Masi is today one of the most important exponents of RKT urban music, which mixes styles such as cumbia, reggaetón and freestyle. He is 24 years old and is one of the most listened artists on Spotify in Argentina and in other parts of the world.

Kaleb DiMasi.  Photo: press.

Kaleb DiMasi. Photo: press.

A friend of the late El Noba, Di Masi was among the artists who paid him heartfelt tribute. Several musicians have come together to release a new remix of the iconic “Tamo Chelo”. Besides him, L-Gante, Callejero Fino and Juank el Problematik participated.

Last July, Di Masi himself said he’d just received his tenth gold award, had five trending songs, and one of his songs was second on Italy’s Spotify chart, making it “the song of the summer in Europe”.

Source: Clarin

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