Lucas Benvenuto: his new life, why he doesn’t want a trial for the truth and what Jey Mammón’s trip to Spain generates for him

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Luke Welcome She spoke again about her child sexual abuse complaint jey mammon. The 30-year-old was interviewed in Ushuaia, where he currently lives, by Karina Mazzocco in the program in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.30pm).

“I’m a bit mobilized, but in good company, that’s the important thing”Lucas pointed out at the beginning of the dialogue, in which he first detailed how he made the decision to sue the driver and comedian in 2020, a lawsuit he then timed off.

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“It took me a long time to figure out what they had done with me. I always thought it was different from the others. It was a 30 year old with a 14 year old, I don’t think it’s a relationship. She cost me, but I realized what he had done was also wrong.”said Lucas, who works in the city of Ushuaia as a figure skating teacher.

Lucas Benvenuto, in dialogue with Karina Mazzocco.  Catch tv.

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Lucas Benvenuto, in dialogue with Karina Mazzocco. Catch tv.

“The prescription came out in less than two months. It was very painful, I didn’t expect it so quickly. This pushes you to continue”recognized Lucas, who assured that throughout his life he made “40 complaints”.

And on why he chose to make public what he experienced with Jey, he underlined: “Justice has taught me a lesson, which is ‘don’t come back here’. I will never sit on that cold chair in front of a person who I don’t know how to deal with these issues. I speak when I can, not when I want. I spoke, it was something that materialized quickly, because I was following the case of Marcelo Corazza and because I was outraged to learn that there was a surviving boy behind that complaint that the same thing would happen as I did. That’s why I spoke.”

“I felt heard by society”he acknowledged.

“I know my truth, I know what my truth is”he pointed out, and later assured him he does not intend to ask for a trial for the truth, as Jey asked in his latest statements.

Lucas Benvenuto spoke in "A la tarde".  Catch TV.

Lucas Benvenuto spoke in “A la tarde”. Catch TV.

“It happened that day like it happened with the others, it was the same. I don’t want to give any more details about the abuse,” Lucas said when Mazzocco asked him about his relationship with the ex-racer. Rock of Morphi (Teleph, Sunday at 11.30). And he said it gave him “repugnance” to hear the interviews Jey gave after his denunciation. “It’s naturalized to be with a 14-year-old boy. It’s impossible for an abuser to tell you ‘yes, I abused’.”

Then the driver asked him about Jey’s trip to Spain and if that gave him any relief then Lucas remarked: “I don’t feel relieved. I don’t feel like I’ve won a victory, I don’t like that I left the country, I feel empty… I prepared myself psychologically so that I will never get hurt again. So I feel nothing, it’s null. I have a protector to keep them from entering”he remarked and stated that he is not surprised that the pilot has left Argentina and that he is sure he will be back soon.

And analyzed: “Now my goal is to heal. Now I have my life ahead of me to be happy, not to deal with my abusers. That’s all.”

Source: Clarin

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