After the confirmation of Tomás Holder, which other Big Brother exes are close to Ballando

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After Marcelo Tinelli landed in America, where he arrived as artistic director, it was confirmed that the Dance will return to the small screen and there has been much speculation about who would be selected to participate. Now, panache angel revealed that Walter “Alpha” Santiago AND Constanza “Coti” Romero They would be among the elect.

Since it has been known that the dance competition will begin in the middle of the year, many have wondered if some of the former participants of Big Brother (Telefe) would be among the squad.

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And in the last few hours De Brito has confirmed THEY (America, Monday-Friday 8pm) it was Thomas Ownerthe first eliminated from the Telefe reality show, the first to receive an official proposal from the pilot.

Now, through his social networks, the driver has revealed that since the production of Dancing They have already called Alfa, one of the ‘little brothers’ who has generated the most controversy within the most famous house.

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Ángel de Brito has confirmed that he has called Alfa to be part of

Ángel de Brito has confirmed that he has called Alfa to be part of ‘Dancing 2023’. Instagram.

It all started when the journalist opened up the possibility for his followers on Instagram, who number more than three million, to ask him questions.

“Alpha to dance?”he wanted to meet one of his own followersÁngel echoed the question and assured that the 61-year-old man had already received a call from the Dancing production.

“Yes. They talked about it yesterday!”replied De Brito, who shared a short video of Alfa having a video call with Tinelli.

On another plate, the driver shared the question of another Internet user who asked if Coty Romero AND Alessio Quirogapopularly known as “El Conejo”, it would be part of the cycle led by Tinelli.

“Many possibilities”assured Ángel, along with a photo of the couple that has formed Big Brother.


The ‘LAM’ host has revealed that there are chances that Coty Romero and her boyfriend will debut the track ‘Bailando’. Instagram.

It should be noted that on Wednesday, in THEY (America), the driver told the details of the contracts in which the former participants Big Brother they have with Telefe and Kuarzo and how they would go about being part of it Dance.

Big Brothers can’t go dancing. However many will break the contract with Kuarzo. Maybe that’s why they will have to pay” De Brito said.

And I add: “What happens is that Kuarzo has a project for them. It would be a game show and a streamed one.”

Marcelo goes to look for little brothers. He likes Marcos, Julieta, Coti and Alfa. Many of them, I think they will break it and one that is already known and is the first confirmed for the dance competition is Tomás Holder ”, he detailed later.

Tomás Holder was very excited after being invited to the new edition of Bailando

After receiving the call to join the dance 2023 (America), Thomas Owner He uploaded a video to his networks in which, through tears, he thanked for the support of his fans.

“They caught me in Córdoba. The truth is this I’m super excited, I’m not falling in love yet, I can’t believe, the gigantic opportunity Marcelo is giving methe truth is incredible, posts that I am very excited, “began the influencer.

“More than all the way I’ve walked, how I started, knowing that I started with Tik Tok, that there was a lot of criticism in the beginning, a lot of people said it wouldn’t help and look where we are today. I owe it to you too, I have goosebumps, mail,” he added later.

“I have no words to thank, I really have no words, I’m dumb. All I’ve been through to get here, all I’ve been through, all I’ve endured,” Holder wrote alongside the video.

“Thanks to my friends for always being there, thanks to my mother for getting me out of trouble, thanks to my little brothers for always holding me close, thanks to my old man for those long and deep talks, and thanks to you for never leaving me despite the my mistakes. I love you,” she closed.

Source: Clarin

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