Guillermina Valdés practiced sexual poses live and told an intimacy: “I put them on and went to the supermarket”

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Guillermina Valdes told on air mezzaninethe new programme stream by Cande Molfese, a intimacy which extremely surprised both his comrades and listeners. And, soon after, he was encouraged to practice unusual poses kama sutra with Brenda Gandini.

In detail, the well-known actress and ex-partner of Marcelo Tinelli said she tried a very popular practice among Asian women to strengthen the pelvic floor, increase blood flow and improve the natural lubrication of the vagina.

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“Guille has a little fact to tell us”, introduced the theme of Molise. “I used Chinese balls,” launched a Guillermina. And he immediately clarified: “They don’t have to generate satisfactionthey have to do an exercise and I felt weird with those two balls. I went to the supermarket, for example.”

Guillermina Valdés talks about her experience with Chinese balls.

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Guillermina Valdés talks about her experience with Chinese balls.

After a burst of laughter from her classmates, the mother of Lawrencethe chauffeur’s youngest son Show matchhe went on to say, “It speaks very highly of me that they didn’t slip, because the balls stayed there, they didn’t go down. In other words, there’s a major contractile problem.”

“The Chinese ball didn’t vibrate?”Cande asked him. “NO, it doesn’t vibrate You just have to have it in place, take care of it, “said Valdés. And he remarked:” It’s not comfortable. No one warned me it was something comfortable. I I wore them and went to the supermarket”.

“It’s to do vaginal exercises”Gandini clarified. “I’ll see with time but it was ok. I recommend it as an exercise… Maybe it’s better to stay and walk around the house because thinking that your balls may come out is a question but I arrived and everything was fineGuillermina recalled.

Cande Molfese and Guillermina Valdés broadcast on Loft.

Cande Molfese and Guillermina Valdés broadcast on Loft.

AND between laughs he added, “But all the time I had the feeling of losing them. Imagine all this on my face: I had two balls in my scam… But hey they are indistinguishable, they can be seen and could be a toy for Lorenzo or Igor, my dog“.

The crazy poses that Guillermina Valdés and Brenda Gandini practiced live

In the middle of this Thursday’s broadcast of mezzanine (the cycle goes live on the channel of Youtube from LoftStream, Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00), Guillermina Valdés and Brenda Gandini tried to do some poses from the Kamasutra.

“Can we do some poses? Let’s see if they come out”Gonzalo Heredia’s wife consulted while Cande Molfese ran a lottery for some adult cards. “I join”Guillermina Valdés ran as a candidate. “Do you dare?”, asked Brenda Gandini somewhat surprised. “Obviously,” replied Valdés.

And, immediately after, the first in a male guise, and the second, in a female guise, he began to improvise in the middle of the studio stream.

Brenda Gandini and Guillermina Valdés practice kamasutra poses.

Brenda Gandini and Guillermina Valdés practice kamasutra poses.

“This position could be tricky because your partner is carrying all of your weight. It’s for subject matter experts.“Cande warned them of the position they would take. “I have to keep it. How do I do it?”Brenda doubted.

“You say you’re having fun? I feel like you’re going to break your neck”he told the host and the current couple of Gaston Ceilings Guillermina in the middle of a laugh.

Source: Clarin

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