Mystery and concern: Natacha Jaitt’s Telegram account was activated out of nowhere

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In the last few hours A mysterious event generated doubts and concern in the environment of Natacha Jaittespecially his brother Ulises, who believes she was killed by a mafia network. It’s this Wednesday The Telegram media account has been activateddisappeared in February 2019, and for the journalist this is not a coincidence.

“Natacha’s Telegram phone has been activated! I tell you the phone is in justice. What are they doing?” The radio host tweeted this Friday morning along with a screenshot of Natacha’s profile on the aforementioned messaging platform with his last connection being on Wednesday at 8:45pm.

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Hours later, Ulises, who is pursuing the request for clarification on the death of his sister Justice, aired on show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 10:30) and talked about it.

Tweet by Ulises Jaitt.

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Tweet by Ulises Jaitt.

“It’s shocking. I am with strong feelings. I was notified by contacts who had scheduled it and seeing his name and his last connection wednesday night alienates me because this is serious and it is still a sign that justice must be done for her”, began the journalist in dialogue with Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich.

Then, Ulises made it clear does not have Telegram and that, as soon as he heard the news, he thought maybe That account may have been activated with the same Natacha number assigned to another person, but he immediately understood that this is impossible because it is “a judicial telephone number”.

“I started talking to my lawyers and We will write an urgent letter to Justice to give us explanations what this Telegram connection can look like when they have confiscated the cellphone,” he continued.

And he recalled: “When they did the expert report at the time, they didn’t give it back to me, and what strikes me a lot is that this happens in a context in which Natacha is now the subject of television and networks: because of the case (Marcelo ) Corazza and (Lucas) Welcome…”.

Natacha and Ulises were very close.  Photo: Instagram

Natacha and Ulises were very close. Photo: Instagram

“It is no coincidence that in this context, in which everything is investigated to see how the pedophile mafiaswhich are those they killed Natashayour Telegram is activated,” he added.

And he added: “What are they looking for? What are they looking for? Whose ass are they trying to cover?” This is what I wonder why this is corrupt justice who has done everything imaginable for me and is raping the dead Natacha.”

How is the lawsuit found investigating Natacha Jaitt’s death?

“The lawsuit is a disaster, corruption everywhere you look. We denounce it in Office of the Attorney General of San Isidro to the prosecutors and the prosecutor himself did not allow it, because it is the same, so now we have filed a complaint with the Lawyer of the Province of Buenos Aireswhich is a level higher,” Ulises reported.

Moreover, the reporter also said so They have a witness “who wants to contribute something important” and waits “two months ago to be able to declare himself”. “They don’t give a date. Everything is an obstacle. They ignore us. The tablet won’t unlock, it’s the only device in the country that can’t be unlocked,” he noted indignantly.

And he concluded: “The cause is canned and the line dropped is that she died of an overdose… A cop who was there that night when Natacha died told her partner, her partner told a friend, and that just came to mind. They said ‘guys, overdose'”.

Source: Clarin

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