Agustín’s ex-girlfriend from “Big Brother” reappeared and destroyed him

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the ex girlfriend of Augustine From Big Brother, Daiana Filgueirasurprised his followers by Chirping with a wide release where he defenestrated whoever was his partner.

“Every time I dedicate a long tweet to you, I know that it was because of something that hurt me. You know me very well, Agustín, and you know that while you were in I elevated you as a man and as a person while you sent your shit“, began by saying the ex-girlfriend of the “little brother” questioned.

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And she continued, visibly angry: “I helped you to be recognized as the ‘fraud’. Coscu believed in my words that without them I would not have supported you. I don’t do it out of arrogance, but out of your lack of gratitude.”

“It was sad to read that you allowed them to laugh at me in your chat and put me down as a person being that most of those have lowered themselves when you, both me and your companions or people you were with, have disrespected them in front of thousands of people “, added the young woman in reference to the statements of her ex , who inside the house assured that he had collected the intimate photos that the women sent him.

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Agustín was one of the most controversial in the

Agustín was one of the most controversial in the latest edition of “Big Brother”. Television capture

“I know both you and your entourage censored me, but from then on making fun of me is not good. Did you tell him the whole story or did you just keep quiet about what was not in your best interest? Do you know what gratitude is? It’s not a shirt, it’s respect the person who supported you and stood up for you to be who you are today and not just now, but when you were nobody,” Daiana continued.

And he added, anguished: “I’m not the one who betrayed you, I’m the one who gave you when you had nothingwork, creativity, I opened the doors of my home to you, I elevated you as a man”.

“They don’t understand what I’m telling you, but you do and that’s why I expected the same respect and elevation that I did for you. I gave you time to reconsider,” he confessed at the end of his defense.

Daiana's post on Twitter.

Daiana’s post on Twitter.

Is closed: “Today is my last pointToday if I say that you have become the best couple I’ve had, the one that has disappointed me the most. You don’t need to cheat to feel let down by that person. I expected more from you as a man.”

Daiana’s support during Agustín’s confinement

This is worth clarifying during Augustine’s isolation at the house of[persona]. GHDaiana wore her team’s shirt and went out to cash it both on social networks and on television.

“He is very wise, very intelligent, very good personPay attention to all the details. When she falls in love, he gives everything. We were almost two years old, ”she said in one of his first interviews about him Barbarossa (Teleph, at 9.30), where he related the details of his relationship with Frodo, while he was being baptized.

Agustín with Daiana when they were dating.

Agustín with Daiana when they were dating.

“We split over something more personal to me. It’s not that he did anything or I did anything. You notice that I cut in the middle of the pandemic. I arrived with the stress between university and work, a bit of everything,” Daiana recalled in that note.

And he closed: “I told him: “Look, Agustín, I can’t support a relationship because I can’t give you 100%.” I didn’t want it to be a toxic, unhealthy relationship, and I told him, ‘I’d rather you go your own way.'”

Source: Clarin

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