Metallica made a record on Zoom and reconfirmed all its virtues

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Zoom is known to be credited with keeping students and teachers connected, the justice system running, and gym classes running. may also be included a metallic album on that list.

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The band met weekly on their computers to stay connected during the pandemic, and those meetings became a songwriting factory. The first step was an acoustic version of his song Blackened.

Metallica live during their last visit to Argentina, in April last year at the Campo Argentino de Polo.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

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Metallica live during their last visit to Argentina, in April last year at the Campo Argentino de Polo. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

“He showed us that, yes, we could at least make some at a distance even though we were still separated,” the guitarist said kirk hammett. “He Turned into trying to string riffs together for the new album via Zoom.”

the new album

About six of those song sketches ended up 72 seasons, He twelfth album by the band, which was released on Friday April 14th. His sound is that of a band that doesn’t stop, despite being a singer and guitarist James Hetfield and the drummer Lars Ulrich They’re turning 60 this year, and Hammett has already passed that milestone. Bassist Robert Trujillo is the youngest, at just 58 years old.

Metallica album cover

Metallica album cover

“It worked out really fantastic in the end,” said Hetfield. “I know what we do. I know what we do best. I know what we did before. But there’s also an artist in me who wants to keep evolving and trying to do different things.”

“As far as the voice goes, I really wanted to explore a few different things. I’m afraid all the songs will end up sounding the same. So I like to give them a little more character with different things,” she said.

The album closes with in love, an expansive song that unfolds with rude riffs. It lasts 11.10 seconds!, making it one of Metallica’s longest songs.

“I never worry about what the end time of the song is, as long as it serves its purpose,” said the singer. “We don’t want to prove anything and we don’t want to set records like, ‘Hey, this is our longest song. Wonderful!’. You know, there’s no mission there. The song wrote itself”.

Current activity

Lately, the band has had another boost in popularity from the series Stranger things. In the Season 4 finale, fan-favorite character Eddie Munson goes on a heroic rampage Puppet master of Metallica in upside downa sequence Hammett calls “the Metallica music video that never got made”.

The song also peaked at number 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Metallica's James Hetfield at Lollapalooza Chicago 2022. Photo: AP

Metallica’s James Hetfield at Lollapalooza Chicago 2022. Photo: AP

Fans can expect to hear many of the new songs on Metallica’s upcoming stadium tour of Europe and North America, but not everyone will have the same experience. Metallica plans to hit the cities with two concerts per leg and promises two completely different setlists.

In addition, Metallica exhibited their documentary film on Thursday, April 13 72 seasonsin cinemas.

we need a challenge because we’ve been playing these songs for a long time and we need to change them to keep them interesting and fun for us,” Hammett said.

Hetfield agrees: “It’s fun for us and hopefully fun for the fans. And if they want to come to both shows, that would be great.”

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