Video: Alberto Cormillot was encouraged to dance in the air to the rhythm of a song by Lali Espósito

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In addition to promoting healthy eating, alberto corillot encourages physical activity. On several occasions he has shown his skills by tap dancing, jazz and now, at the age of 84, he has added a new hobby: the aerial dance. In the last few hours it was the nutritionist himself who shared a video in which he is seen performing a choreography with a song by Lali Esposito.

First, the doctor shared a photo of him hanging from a sling, with his right hand resting on the floor and a leg stretched in the air: “Don’t miss the new spool of Who are they? (which is the name of the last song posted by Lali)”. The post was earlier than the one she posted two hours later.

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Thus, Cormillot, that he was a father at 83 years old of his son Emilio, finally showed himself in pure acrobatics in a video lasting almost two minutes. Balloons in the background, a prepared environment and a vital octogenarian who surprised with his choreography.

Alberto Cormillot hanging from a harness in full choreography

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Alberto Cormillot hanging from a harness in full choreography

He started swinging like a baby but added complexity to his movements until he ended up spinning in circles and even upside down. He challenging poses, many of them from great abdominal strainconsidering the more than eight decades the nutritionist has been on his shoulders.

The post obviously didn’t go unnoticed by his more than 500,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter, who praised his physical condition and his desire to be constantly on the go.

“I love seeing so much desire to live, to make dreams come true, to not censor age, to think about what to do, the only limit is our head“; “Congratulations doctor!! You it is my inspiration do whatever I like and stay active”; “Looking at him makes me want to do the same, how much i admire it Dr. Great example to follow”, were some of the messages he collected in his networks by way of praise.

His passion for aerial dances

In several interviews, the doctor said that his love for the harness was born when he started tap dancing, another activity he does for 15 years.

“We were having an end-of-year show and it occurred to me that dancing in a harness could be useful for the show. That was my first exposure to aerial dancing and I was fascinated by it. It’s a fun activity and a great physical challenge”he said in dialogue with The nation.

“This particular activity is for those people who enjoy it face challenges and streamline new learning mechanisms,” he said.

“Even the fact of exercising the brain and body with movements never tried before trains you to tolerance for frustration. I don’t know if I’m funny or talented, but everything is learned through repetition. fall and start again“, he assured as a teaching.

Source: Clarin

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