The scare of Jimena Barón and her son in a trampoline match

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Artist Jimena Barón usually shares anecdotes about her and her son Morrison Osvaldo on her social networks, where she has millions of followers and fans following her. On Saturday afternoon, both experienced a moment of concern at a trampoline venue and recounted the sequence on Twitter.

It all started when the actress decided to take her son to play and spend the day in a children’s play area in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, so that “he can play and not be with the game all day,” as he explained in an Instagram story.

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Thats what JMenaas his stage name is known, he wanted it to be for Momo, the son of his ex-partner, Daniel Osvaldo, enjoy the weekend away from screens and video games.

That’s why she and a friend accompanied their respective children to play in this place with trampolines and other exercise games designed especially for boys.

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Since Morrison wore a basketball jersey from the chicago bulls, the interpreter of The spider He shared a photo of the boy jumping on one of the trampolines with a burning sport ball. “I love you, my little chino,” she expressed fondly on her Instagram.

Momo's story in the arcade shared by Jimena Barón.  instagram

Momo’s story in the arcade shared by Jimena Barón. instagram

Once the kids have been to the clubs, as the singer recounts on her Twitter account, with her friend they went to another place to let the children experience the day of games in peace.

“We went for a coffee with my friend to wait out the hour refreshed take our children on trampolines on Saturdays,” Barón said at the beginning of this story on the bird’s social network.

After a while, when she and her friend returned to the club to look for Morrison and his friends, they both took an unpleasant surprise.

On Twitter, where almost three million users follow her, Daniel Osvaldo’s ex revealed: “When we went back to look for them, the three children were with the police for 45 minutes because the roof broke and there was an evacuation.”

Luckily, Jimena decided to take the difficult situation with humor since no misfortune or accident had occurred in the gambling hall of the Belgrano district.

Jimena Barón’s fun family vacations in Brazil

For the long Easter weekend, the actress, who recently had a paranormal experience, took her son Momo by surprise to the nearby town with her complicity of his partner, Matías Palleiro.

Jimena Barón and her son's holidays in Brazil.  instagram

Jimena Barón and her son’s holidays in Brazil. instagram

“Momo has been telling me for months that she wants to get to know Brazil and today I told him I would pick him up from school for lunch,” the artist began writing on Twitter.

Then, in one story, she shared an image of her with her and her son’s suitcase. “I pick Momo up from school for lunch but actually I’m taking him to Brazil, so he will be absent in the afternoon”.

Jimena Barón and her son's holidays in Brazil.  instagram

Jimena Barón and her son’s holidays in Brazil. instagram

soon after, the three boarded a plane and landed in Rio de Janeiro. Judging by the publications that the interpreter of the cobra they did in their networks, they arrived in Buzios by rental car and the first thing they did was go to the beach.

Source: Clarin

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