“Bronca”, the Netflix series that could have been part of “Wild Tales”

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It is not a condescending series, nor pious, nor lukewarm. take risks. And finally, we all win, not only because its creators or their protagonists never stop receiving praise, but also because the viewer who chooses Line -in the middle of the bulky Netflix catalog- he comes across an agile little jewel, which invites you to a trip across all states and who paints without half measures the shadow of his characters.

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shadows of life itselfof those who are not always seen, away stream or TV, in the main creatures of a plot. To some, perhaps, they may seem politically incorrect. And, for many others, they might end up being adorable. They appear as people who, in some situations, they can be people like one.

Quietly, this creation of lee sungjin could have been part of the Wild Tales of Damiano SzifronArgentine film that came to compete for an Oscar.

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Ali Wong and Joseph Lee in a Zen conjugal scene, uncomfortable for his "anger".

Ali Wong and Joseph Lee in a Zen conjugal scene, uncomfortable for his “anger”.

Here everywhere ten episodes of 30 to 40 minutesthey are portrayed intolerance, anger, revenge, resentment, frustration and empathy soars above.

The story begins with two characters living opposite lives. At least it seems that way. Do you love (Ali Wang) has a lot of money, a profession, a husband, a daughter, a critical mother-in-law and a house of the type that could appear in Hollywood magazines. Danny (Steven Yeun) does not: he lives with his brother in a seedy apartment building and makes a living as a contractor, though his side involves more odd jobs.

And one day, by blessed whim of the script, cross each other in the parking lot of a home superstore. Luxury cars versus work trucks. At the wheel of everyone clings the same load of dissatisfaction. And a bad maneuver served for emotional discharge.

A fuck youa bullfight, a car horn and a well-told chase: not typical for action films, but of which can be seen in the streets of real life. Something like “I’m going to get you”. They are not reached from the start, but, after the search starts, they meet and make a thousand and one.

AND in each of them they release more than violence for that car accident.

It was a minor incident, enough to light the fuse. Short fuse, gripping story.

Anger takes different forms from various characters.

Anger takes different forms from various characters.

Yes, OK never lose sight of the fact that the trigger is the anger to which the title alludesthe series knows how to tell the two worlds, he knows how to undress the two souls (more in pain than in glory), knows how to handle the threads of a tension that reaches its peak in the last episode in which they are alone the two of them (except for a minimal appearance) in nothingness itself. Acting chair.

They reach that point -in the story and on the outskirts of the city- after a path of cross revenge. AND they face each other as in a game of mirrors which is worth going little by little, episode by episode.

Danny Cho's (Steven Yeun) life is not the same as his enemy, Amy Lau (Ali Wong).

Danny Cho’s (Steven Yeun) life is not the same as his enemy, Amy Lau (Ali Wong).

Anger can marathon while one chews, or not, one’s anger. It’s one of those stories that can become familiar. And, by the grace of its creators, militates in verisimilitudeto get strong with a handful of reactions that reach the screen without a prewash. A real wild tale.


Comedy drama protagonists: Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Creation: lee sungjin Address: Hikari and Jake Schreier Problem: Ten episodes, available on Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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