Everything is fine and Pálpito’s second season surpasses the recommended ones of the week

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It’s all OK

It's All Right, a Disney+ rom-com about a young man who wants to make a living out of music.

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It’s All Right, a Disney+ rom-com about a young man who wants to make a living out of music.

Available on Disney+

It’s all OK, the romantic comedy in 4 episodes, written by Raphael Montes, Rubel and Felipe Simas, ýa is available on Disney+. It tells the story of Pedro (Pedro Calais), an intern at a multinational record company who dreams of making a living out of music.

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When Pedro meets Ana (Ana Caetano), an artist with a music career on the rise, which has led her to success in the networks and who is enjoying the moment, the road to success seems possible, but soon Pedro will receive a difficult mission for Toni (Toni Garrido), his boss, who will put important decisions in his life at risk. In the process, Pedro will rethink his priorities and the true meaning of success.


The Netflix series Pálpito begins its second season.

The Netflix series Pálpito begins its second season.

Available on Netflix from April 19th

A man bent on revenge against the organ trafficking organization that killed his wife accidentally gets involved with the woman who received his heart. Here’s what it is Intuitionthe Netflix series starting its second season.

nice little things

Available on Star+

"Little Beautiful Things" (Star+)

“Little Beautiful Things” (Star+)

Based on the best-selling collection of essays by Cheryl Strayed, nice little things centers on Clare (Kathryn Hahn), who finds herself in a difficult moment as her relationship with her husband Danny (Quentin Plair) falters, her teenage daughter Rae (Tanzyn Crawford) ignores her, and her promising writing career ceases to exist .

Ali Wong and Steven Yeun produce and star in this comedy-drama created by Lee Sung Jin. Netflix sums it up this way: “A failed contractor and a disgruntled businesswoman collide in a road rage incident that spirals out of control and brings out the worst in them.” It’s 10 episodes.

Vaseline – the origin of pink women

Available at Paramount

"Grease: L

“Grease: The Origin of the Pink Ladies”

Set four years before the 1978 classic Fat – the matethis musical-romantic comedy created by Annabel Oakes follows the story of four slightly misfit girls tired of traditional high school life who band together to have fun on their own terms, causing a moral uproar among their peers and teachers.

After two seasons in which Eugenio Derbez led the family’s exotic and chaotic adventures, this time the plan is different: they all decide to join Aislinn and travel to a destination of pure relaxation: Jamaica. But this plan will turn into chaos full of surprises. In this new season, our beloved family will travel letting the cameras document their daily dynamics, as well as their funniest and most intimate moments.

Strong: The eye of the sniper

Available on Amazon Prime Video

Bruce Willis co-stars in this thriller.

Bruce Willis co-stars in this thriller.

This cyber action thriller continues the adventure that began Fortress. Weeks after the deadly assault on Fortress Camp, Robert (Bruce Willis) embarks on a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of his old nemesis Balzary, but it seems Sasha may have devious plans. When another attack breaks out, Robert is confronted with a familiar face he thought he would never see again.

In addition to Bruce Willis, there are Jesse Metcalfe, Kelly Greyson and Chad Michael Murray, directed by Josh Sternfeld.

A secret place

From Wednesday, April 19 on Amazon Prime Video

Charlie Shotwell in a

Charlie Shotwell in an image from the film which has a script by our compatriot Nicolás Giacobone (“Birdman”, “Bardo”).

A boy holds his family captive in a hole. Directed by the Spaniard Pascual Sisto, it has a screenplay by the Argentine Nicolás Giacobone, Oscar winner for bird. Starring boy Charlie Shotwell, Michael C. Hall (Right) and Jennifer Ehle (The darkest night, Wild).

The rounds of love

Available on HBO Max

This Brazilian production brings together big names such as Cleo, Igor Angelkorte, Juliana Didone, Klebber Toledo, among others, and is directed by Marcos Bernstein.

Produced by Nathalie Felippe and Marcos Bernstein, the film tells the story of the love triangle experienced by the sisters Dani (Cleo) and Beta (Juliana Didone) and by André (Igor Angelkorte).

André is a young doctor who, having returned to Brazil after more than a year of caring for the sick and injured in a Médecins Sans Frontières camp, discovers that he has exchanged love letters not with his girlfriend, Beta, but with his sister about her, Dani. .

main floor

Available at Cine.ar

"Masterplan", by Diego and Pablo Levy, with Alan Sabbagh.

“Masterplan”, by Diego and Pablo Levy, with Alan Sabbagh.

The brothers Diego and Pablo Levy had accustomed us to documentaries, but here they leap to fiction main floor. The directors of Brides-godmothers-15 years They tell a little story about a scam gone wrong. But main floor it is not Fargoand that tiny mistake that triggers the whole plot doesn’t produce an escalation of deaths, far from it.

came to steal

Available at Cine.ar

Valeria Bertollucci and Daniel Hendler, protagonists of "Vino da Rubare".  Photo Ruben Digilio

Valeria Bertollucci and Daniel Hendler, protagonists of “Vino da Rubare”. Photo Ruben Digilio

Sebastián (Hendler) meets Natalia (Bertuccelli) when he is trying to steal an important work of art from a museum, and she beats him to the punch. Declared rivals, the two will later have to collaborate in a more complex theft: a precious and unique bottle of Bordeaux Malbec from the mid-19th century, counted among the best wines in the world and jealously guarded in a bank vault in Mendoza. Directed by Ariel Winograd, with Daniel Hendler, Valeria Bertuccelli, Martín Piroyansky and Pablo Rago.

Source: Clarin

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