Concern: Paolo El Rockero’s family has reported his disappearance

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Jorge Juan Montejo, who became famous for his role as Paul the rocker in several films of the 80s and the cycle remembered Badia and Co.This missing and his family filed a complaint to find out his whereabouts.

“He was admitted to the Ramos Mejía hospital for several days now. But when the family visited him, after two weeks, he was gone“, specified the journalist Sebastián Tempone in common citizenthe cycle that Horacio Cabak conducts on Delta radio (FM 90.3).

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And I add: “He ran away, he’s gone. The Mental Health Act prevents people from being detained. So if the family is not united, it does not contain…”.

Montejo became famous for his character

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Montejo became famous for his character ‘Paolo El Rockero’ in ‘The Craziest Bathers in the World’.

According to the aforementioned reporter, “the womanwho was his latest companion, filed a complaint” on Sunday evening. “After two weeks he went to see him in the hospital and realized he wasn’t there. He asked people and they said ‘no, he hasn’t been here for a while,'” he explained.

Thus, the former partner of the actor from The craziest swimmers in the world AND exterminatorsamong other films, “he went to the police station yesterday (for Sunday) at the last minute, where he showed up spontaneously” and made “a complaint to know where it is”.

Source: Clarin

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