Violent robbery of Adriana Aguirre in Corrientes street

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Adriana Aguirre immediately a violent robbery in avenue Corrientes when a offender pretended to be a window cleaner and ended up attacking her to get it mobile phone, so the actress turned out wound in one of his hands.

“What happened was horrific, as has happened to everyone in this country and for so many years. it was a battle because this cloth grabs me”, the woman of Ricardo García in the air of The run of the show (TV news, Saturday and Sunday at 4.00pm).

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And followed: “It was an act of violence and it gives me a lot of helplessness, a lot of angerI really mean ‘listen to me, skinny, why didn’t you take me out instead of on the roof of the car and with my seat belt on?'”

Adriana Aguirre aired on "The run run of the show".  Television capture

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Adriana Aguirre aired on “The run run of the show”. Television capture

So, the famous actress said that the thief who attacked her while she was driving her car was aiming to steal her wallet. “But I, I’m not an idiot, had it strapped to my seat belt, and since I had my cell phone in her other hand, I resisted and look how the bone left me…”.

After showing the cameras how her hand looked, Aguirre indicated: “There were four cameras filming(the thief) he had a green shirt and a cap, he jumped in the car to clean the glass for us… i tell people, Don’t roll down the windows, I’m sorry for those who work, but 99% are criminals”.

“I’m not scared, I’m just angry. He slammed my hand against the glass about 20 times”declared Adriana in another section of the interview with Lío Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio.

And he clarified: “I resisted because I don’t tolerate acts of violence, I didn’t give him my cell phone”.

“Look how he left my bone out. I don’t want to give anyone the fruit of my effort, I have been working for 50 years and I will not give anyone the fruit of my efforts. Tomorrow I will have to show up so that they can tell me how I am”, he assured towards the middle of the interview.

And finally he stressed that he would like to face the thief face to face. “If you caught me, face to face, I assure you I would have given him a royal kick where it hurts the most. I don’t care if he was armed with a gun or a knife.”

“I am a warrior and have been fighting for many years. I am not afraid of anything. I have courage to spare, but they don’t face it head on. They come in secret and then run away like rats,” concluded Aguirre.

Adriana Aguirre and another bad moment: the incident with Ricardo García

It is worth clarifying that Adriana Aguirre and Ricardo García suffered a serious accident on Route 2 towards Mar del Plata in September last year.

“Ricardo was driving when they went to work in Mar del Plata. They were going 50 kilometers per hour because they were close to the toll booth. There is a detour in that area due to a workers’ strike, a single lane enabled but there Ricardo gets confused by that detour, crashes into a guardrail and there the overturning occurs,” explained Rodrigo Lussich at the time.

“We are both very hypertensive. We are beaten. We need them to come looking for us to move us to Buenos Aires,” were the actress’s first words in an audio she sent to Lussich minutes after the incident.

“Ricardo was wearing the protest cone. He started losing control of the car, bit his shoulder and we were left with the wheels of the car up and our heads down. The seat belt saved us.”Adriana specified hours later in dialogue with the press.

Source: Clarin

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