“The Last of Us” will go beyond a second season

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The HBO adaptation by Craig Mazin AND Neil Druckmann of the post apocalyptic game The Last of Us attracted a large audience to the cable network and was enshrined as the first truly “big” series. based on a video game.

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We’re still reeling from the incredible ride that season one was The Last of Uswith Peter Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who knew how to adapt the future of the first video game, when there was already talk of a sequel. The Expedition is already in its second season, and the heartbreaking finale of Part 1 only raised expectations for what was to come.

The two showrunners haven’t revealed much about the creative plans for the Season 2but whoever played The last of us part II you can find out where the series would be headed. The sequel was just as acclaimed as the game that preceded it, so Mazin and Druckmann will have plenty of material to draw from, with fiction in mind.

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Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in a scene from "The Last of Us".  photo of

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in a scene from “The Last of Us”. HBO photo

Even if only two sets of The Last of Us, both showrunners believe the series could last much longer. Players who enjoyed the Second part they’ll know that the second installment ends up being “open” enough to imply that more games are coming as well.

“There Will Be More”

As Mazin told the specialized media ExpirationHowever, “there will be more”, apart from the announced second part. “Our plan is to not just do it for one more season, but we should think long term,” she said.

Mazin’s remarks echo similar comments he made in a recent interview with indiewirewhere he explained that while he and Druckmann had always focused on making the Season 1 was the best it could be, in truth they were “extremely aware” that this would serve as a kick-start to prepare sequels and prequels, eventually “future seasons”.

Born in Chile, naturalized American, Pedro Pascal broke it in the series.

Born in Chile, naturalized American, Pedro Pascal broke it in the series.

Craig Mazin said a few weeks ago that the Season 2 From The Last of Us will add “more infected”. After all, many fans who have played video games have missed out on the fierce fights against the infected. Part of the public has complained through their social networks and those in charge of the series have warned that they have to change what comes about it, contemplating that claim.

“Even though we had a green light for a season of television, Neil and I felt we couldn’t just do a season of television without considering what was going to happen next,” she said. “There is more ‘The Last of Us‘ come. And I think the balance isn’t always about one episode or even one episode to another, but rather a season.”

Bella Ramsey, the co-star of the HBO series.

Bella Ramsey, the co-star of the HBO series.

Despite this, the creators are cautious and a few months ago, when everything was just a rumor, they hinted in an interview that they didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of other famous productions that “they stretched the rubber” too much of the bill.

Either way, there’s no big mystery: “We don’t plan to tell any stories beyond adapting the games,” the creatives shortened to The Hollywood Reporter.

Source: Clarin

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