Conflicts erupt over Pinky’s legacy: her former daughter-in-law has come out to tell the truth

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In the family of Pinky, who died last December 8 at the age of 87, they broke out Conflicts about your inheritance. In in the afternoon (America, 3.45 pm), the cycle conducted by Karina Mazzocco had dealt with the matter and said that Mercedes, Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law -ex-wife of his son Leonardo, who died in 2019- and her children would have caused problems in the succession. Now, Mercedes has come out to defend herself. “My children only ask for what is right for them”assured regarding the requests of Lidia Satragno’s grandchildren.

Pinky died after a long deterioration in her health in the care of her son Gastón, the result of her relationship with Raúl Lavié, with whom she also had Leonardo, who died at the age of 54, in 2019, due to bowel cancer . At the time of his death, Leonardo was divorced from Mercedes with whom he had three children.

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Pinky's ex-daughter-in-law has spoken out about the conflicts over the chauffeur's inheritance.  Catch TV.

Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law has spoken out about the conflicts over the chauffeur’s inheritance. Catch TV.

A few days ago, in A la tarde, the journalist Débora D’Amato had said: “When Pinky dies, with the pain that left Gastón, he discovers that Leonardo’s widow and her children immediately begin the succession rights”. Furthermore, she claimed that Pinky’s “death certificate”, which had been presented by one of Leonardo’s sons to begin the probate process, was missing.

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In that same television space hosted by Mazzocco, they have now given the floor to Mercedes, Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law, to give her version on the subject. Chronicler Matías Vázquez approached her and asked what was happening with Pinky’s inheritance. Her response was dry: “Nothing is happening. My children have started their father’s succession, which is what corresponds”.

Later, the reporter asked him how Gastón had behaved with his grandchildren. “He IS the boy, I won’t say more,” Mercedes replied laconically.

Mercedes, L

Mercedes, Pinky’s ex daughter-in-law: “My children demand what is right for them”. Catch TV.

“I received information that when they sold the land in Mar del Plata, he gave only two thousand dollars each (of the grandchildren) from a much higher sale,” the reporter insisted. “I don’t know how things are,” Mercedes simply said.

Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law: ‘I’m sorry it all ends like this’

“What are your children saying?” Vázquez asked him. “The one that matches them,” Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law replied. And I add: “My children are the three adults, everyone works, they break their tuje working to get to the counter“.

“If Leonardo were there, how would he see the situation of your children?” The reporter tried to speculate. “Leo isn’t here, you can’t talk to him, noor talk about people who have died, out of respect“, she planted. “I have loved Leo all my life, I will continue to love him, he is the father of my children, who are part of him”.

When asked how her relationship with Pinky had been, she said: “Well, while I was married to Leo. When I separated, I no longer had that relationship.”

Mercedes, ex-wife of Leonardo, son of Pinky who died in 2019, with whom she had three children.  Catch TV.

Mercedes, ex-wife of Leonardo, son of Pinky who died in 2019, with whom she had three children. Catch TV.

The chronicler alluded to the versions according to which some “taped advantage” of the end of Pinky’s life. “I can’t tell you, because we couldn’t take advantage of anything. I’m divorced. When I divorce (from Leonardo, Pinky’s son), I give up everything I could have. It seems right to me that my children claim what corresponds to them. And they don’t earn. My children are not profiteers.”

“I don’t want to talk about that. It affects me. It’s my family. Like it or not, it’s my family. It’s my children’s family,” Pinky’s ex-daughter-in-law said. And she closed by saying:I am very sorry that it all ends like this. I feel sorry for the other party because here a material thing is not lost, here something more important is broken”.

Source: Clarin

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