CNCO, the band sponsored by Ricky Martin, talks about the farewell tour that will take them to Argentina

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The CNCO reggaeton ensemble you are about to start yours farewell toureight years after being created in the first season of the televised contest The band.

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Back then the members (there were five, in fact, and now there are four) they were between 14 and 19 years old. His debut album First date it was produced by Wisin and its artistic representative was Ricky Martin.

CNCO, when there was still Joel, who left in 2021 to go solo.  press photo

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CNCO, when there was still Joel, who left in 2021 to go solo. press photo

Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez and Zabdiel De Jesús they became idols, filled stadiums across the continent and won awards such as Lo Nuestro and Billboard Latin Music.

The farewell

Four studio albums later, CNCO says goodbye with an international recital tour, called “Última Cita Tour”, which will start on May 9 in La Paz, Bolivia and then go to Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and the United States United.

In Argentina, the show will be on July 7 at the Movistar Arena. Tickets are on sale now.

“We’ve been out there setting fire to it for years, with your support, so thank you so much for that love. Having achieved so many things, it’s a little strange to say, but CNCO soon parts ways,” Zabdiel explained in the latest installment of univision awards.

The last album had been in 2022, full of reggaeton and pop, with songs like Party smoke and booze, the wrong one AND Don’t turn off the lightall staged as in its beginnings: in Puerto Rico and with Wisin as producer, although this time the four CNCOs were also co-producers and co-writers of the material.

The Zoom chat

From Miami, did each of the CNCOs talk to Clarín about this final stage? in the group competition.

-What do you remember about Argentina and the relationship with the fans here?

Source: Clarin

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