The 8 steps: He signed up to prove he’s ‘not that smart’ and ended up winning 3 million pesos

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An unusual reason Joanna gave when Guido Kaczka asked him why he made the decision to sign up the 8 steps (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 9.15pm).

When asked by the driver, the participants usually answer that they are trying to earn money to travel, pay off debts, collaborate with their family, the need to cover expensive medical treatments… Or they simply signed up because a relative convinced them to do it.

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However, Joanna’s response was concrete: he wants to show his mother “that I’m not that smart”.

Apparently, when they watched the show together, her mom pointed out over and over that she had a very good chance of making it, something Joanna didn’t see possible. And to prove it, he signed up.

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Joanna was surprised when she explained why she signed up for

Joanna was surprised when she explained why she signed up for ‘The 8 Steps’. Catch tv.

“My old lady overestimates me, she loves me a lot”, contacted. “Ah, it’s the opposite of most,” Kaczka was surprised.

“My old lady loves me very much, she became my best friend when I decided to accept my identity. I don’t think she exaggerates my abilities, but she overestimates me a lot”continued Joanna, who works in Human Resources, at the Ministry of Economy, “at the Secretariat of Industry and Productive Development”.

Then, on what fate he would give to the 3 million in case of victory, which he would then do, he explained: “It pays for the studies. I’m a Human Resources technician, it’s a tertiary sector, I want to graduate, which is another two years, and a master’s degree, to continue to become professional”.

Question after question, Joanna progressed through the program and, demonstrating her knowledge, made it to the finals.

Joanna's party, with the check for 3 million pesos.  Catch TV.

Joanna’s party, with the check for 3 million pesos. Catch TV.

There she faced Analía, answered six questions correctly (she had 3 mistakes) and became the new winner of The 8 steps.

“Thank you! Thank you very much!”, she celebrated excitedly after the victory, holding the check for 3 million pesos in her hand. And then she joked: “Now I say it… Mom, you were right.”

“Wow…that’s crazy. I’m very happy. Thank you all, I felt very supported”continued Joanna, who assured that she will participate again in the program trying to double her prize.

The first winner of the 3 million in “The 8 steps”

In mid-April, Guido Kaczka’s cycle increased the prize and began distributing 3 million pesos per broadcast. And the first winner of the new amount was Oscar, who was moved by the story of him.

“I have leukemia”recognized the participant, who later told how he would use the money: “And leukemia treatment is expensive, have you seen? With half, I return the money we spent on treatment, and the rest to the kids, my children”.

“Oscar, three million pesos! Oscar, who told us that he doesn’t work, his illness prevents him … He told us he was watching us from his shelter and now you are here. Marvelous”Kaczka celebrated.

Source: Clarin

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