Jonathan Majors: There would be more victims of abuse and his future in Hollywood is unknown

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While Jonathan Major prepares to appear in court May 8 on charges of “Domestic violence”, your problems seem to be getting worse. Close sources, reports VarietyThey said several “alleged victims of Majors’ abuse” have come forward since his arrest in March and are working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to strengthen the case.

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The prospect of more women joining the complaint would mark a dramatic twist in the case and this comes on the heels of Majors contracts falling apart.

Jonathan Major he is innocent and did not abuse anyone. We have provided irrefutable evidence to the district attorney that the allegations are false. We are confident that he will be fully cleared,” Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry said in a statement. The star of Creed III was arrested on March 25 in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan on charges of constraint, assault and harassment.

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Majors sees his career in jeopardy.  the Spike Lee film she would star in remained to be seen.  AP Photo

Majors sees his career in jeopardy. what Spike Lee film she would star in remained to be seen. AP Photo

At the time, an NYPD spokesman said a declaration that a 30-year-old woman told police that Majors, 33, had attacked her and that she “suffered minor head and neck injuries and was taken to hospital”.

But the actor’s attorney, according to the same source, put together an immediate response, insisting that the actor “is probably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows” and speculating that the woman was actually having “an emotional crisis”.

Network filtering

“She hasn’t mistreated anyone,” insists the lawyer Chaudhry, revealing one of her first strategies: with her husband Andrew Bourke (Majors agent) leaked into the networks and to the press several texts in which Majors is heard talking to the alleged victim shortly after the crash.

Jonathan Majors was featured in a recent recruitment ad,

Jonathan Majors was featured in a recent recruitment ad, “Be All You Can Be,” for the US Army. Reuters

Chaudhry assures that it was Majors who called the 911 services, and this version would be in line with some messages in which the unknown woman asks “sorry” and assures that “they told her they would not charge her”. “It looks like a bad movie,” added a source who is working with Majors on the defense.

The arrest and subsequent criminal trial caused Majors to evaporate a bit, who was having a good time in Hollywood job opportunities in the short and medium term. At first they barred him from a promotional campaign for the baseball team texan rangers. Additionally, he was removed from the board of directors of the Gotham Film and Media Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting independent cinema.

The cascading effect caused him to miss films: he was taken out of a biopic dedicated to him Otis Redding and an adaptation of the novel the man in the basementFrom walter mosley.

His presence in a Spike Lee project is now in we’ll see and in the production house Lionsgate doesn’t quite know what to do with their destiny as an actor, especially with 48 hours in Vegaswhere Majors would step into the shoes of the basketball star Dennis Rodmann. These and other plans are severely compromised by the actor’s problems with Justice, problems that could now worsen.

Source: Clarin

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