María Becerra has confirmed that she will be part of Fast and Furious 10

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Maria Becerra will once again leave the Argentine flag aloft. It is that the artist born in Quilmes confirmed this Friday the arrival of her at hollywood hand in hand with the film fast and furious 10the successful saga starring Vin Diesel.

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Specifically, the 23-year-old singer will have a place on the soundtrack. “That’s how…I will be part of the soundtrack of the new film of FAST AND FURIOUS,” she announced on her Twitter account, where she is followed by nearly 3 million people. The publication quickly reached 45,000 likes and 1,500 retweets.

He also communicated it on Instagram, where he has almost 12 million followers. In one of his stories about him, she shared an image from the film’s soundtrack. In addition to his name, world stars such as J Balvin, Justin Quiles, Dalex, Ludmilla and the Santa Fe Klan appear.

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“Mamaaaaaaa, I’m part of the soundtrack of the new Fast and Furious movie,” he captioned alongside the photo.

During this Friday, he posted two more tweets related to the news: “Would you like the verse of the song?” AND “I’ll upload photos from the shoot tomorrow“.

In a previous interview with Lollapalooza he had already anticipated the news. “I composed the song for a Hollywood movie that’s coming out soon. It’s a great movie. I grew up watching this movie“He advanced without giving any further details.

María Becerra has confirmed that she will be part of Fast and Furious 10

María Becerra has confirmed that she will be part of Fast and Furious 10

Also, she said that the production gave her a song to perform and that she gave it her all freedom to make any changes you deem necessary and to best fit your style. “I sent him a wick, my verses everywhere. There was quite a bit of back and forth. The only thing that complicated me a bit was the language thing,” she explained.

Fast & Furious It will be out on May in which the complete song of María Becerra can be heard.

Source: Clarin

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