Cinthia Fernández’s home raided after violent pepper spray row she had with her neighbors

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The violent quarrel that Cinthia Fernández enacted last weekend with her neighbors added a new chapter this Friday. Shortly after it became known that the media had been sued for 20 million pesos, it emerged that they had raided her home in search of the pepper spray she had used.

Era Janina Latorre who was counting on THEY that they had raided Cinthia’s property. For her part, Andrea Taboada added: “At the time they were breaking it, Leila, the owner of the house where the party was held, was signing the perimeter and she just saw that they were breaking it.”

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Late Friday evening, it was Cinthia Fernández herself who confirmed the version on her Instagram account, where she is followed by almost 6 million people.

Be honest in this country and attack it, but those who distribute drugs are dissolved. How much circus,” she wrote in a post she made in her stories about her.

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A few minutes later, he launched another publication: “If they want a circus, they have a show tomorrow! Rest and get ready. Waiting for you, stay tuned!

The millionaire sues Cinthia Fernández

As they said this Friday afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 3:30pm), Leila Davidovicthe woman who lives in the same private neighborhood as Cintia, located in the Escobar area, has decided to denounce the rapporteur.

“I have in my hands the copy of the civil lawsuit against Cinthia Fernández by Leila Davidovich, the mother of the birthday girl where the pepper spray took place,” he began by saying. Diego Estevesrapporteur of the cycle he leads Karina Mazzocco.

And he continued: “Millionaire cause, 20 million pesos”.

“It is the claim according to a calculation made by Dr. Patricia Castro Martínez, who is in charge of pursuing this claim,” the lawyer later explained. Roberto Casorla.

And he clarified that «according to the calculation he sent me, the truth is that it is above all about the trauma that was generated within the framework of the birthday that had been scheduled for a year”.

The lawyer also stated that “each person who was harmed will have a completely separate claim“. “Several parents of children who have suffered will sue her,” he said.

What Cinthia Fernández’s neighbor said

Last Monday, Charles Monti he told American Breakfast (America, Mon-Fri at 10:30) that Cinzia Fernandez He had filed a complaint with the guard of the place where he lives with his three daughters because three men had banged on the door of his house.

Then, the administrators of the neighborhood where the media lives released a statement explaining what happened and clarifying that during this fight Cinthia went to the house of neighbors who were celebrating a birthday and threw pepper spray at the place where many minors were and also a pregnant woman.

But it was the woman who organized the celebration who spoke in the cycle led by Pamela David and told more details of what would happen over the weekend.

“I can’t believe it, to clarify what happened here: We tried to celebrate my daughter’s 15th birthday, there were 50 adults and 50 children, family, friends and her classmateswho are between 14 and 16 years old,” said Cinthia’s neighbor on the America program.

Later, he developed: “I have a front door and a back door, I have a house in between with Cinthia Fernández, there are four guys who came out the back door and go to the door of her house and kick it“.

After clarifying that he did not see the young people coming out, he said that “we were about to blow out the candle, I take the cake out, I tell my son to announce that they are all coming, I see Cinthia in the garden of my house, screamingThe first thing I do is walk over so we can talk outside, which hasn’t been easy.”

“After he’s gone, I’m there I’m starting to feel like I can’t breathe and the boys tell me, ‘He sprayed pepper spray’. He asked her and she said, ‘What do you want me to do? They broke down the door of my house, now how can I sleep? To all of this The door to my main house opens and the kids start coming out with sore eyes, coughing and not breathing.”he recalled.

Regarding how the episode with the pepper spray began, the interviewee specified that she was apologizing to Cinthia, telling her that she would take care of everything. “I asked him to come home. He sprayed one of the boys with pepper he asked him to stop and explained that he didn’t do anything, and that pepper spray just spread,” he said.

“My cousin was very close, 8 months pregnant, there was a baby in the stroller who was sleeping, the pepper spray hit a lot, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, very old people, we were all there,” she later explained.

And he continued: “A girl came home spitting blood, another asthmatic boy was left in very bad condition, those who broke down the door told me they will take charge, it was a mistake, I’m not justifying anything, but I was telling Cinthia that she should have reacted differently; she has my phone, she could have called me, she could have knocked on my door, but you can’t walk into my house and throw pepper spray.”

“My daughter was crying a lot, with the candle still lit, she wanted us to sing her happy birthday, i couldn’t sing it, it felt like a vigilall the adults left at that time and the birthday was over,” she concluded.

Source: Clarin

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